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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 9: My first trip to Philippines - Bohol

Day 9 - Bohol Adventure!

Time to head off to Bohol!! Bohol is a province of Philippines!

I keep on hearing baby talked about the famous Chocolate Hills so now its time to head over there!

Waiting for a tour cab. 

We went to all of the above. 
At Sagbayan Peak / Chocolate Hills

Hey Mr Carrot! 

Behind us are the Chocolate Hills but currently they are not too 'Chocolatey' as its not the 'season' yet. 

Some of the things are destroyed due to the 7.1 earthquake that happen in 2013. 

The ruins. You can google for some before and after images 

Dinner time @ Loboc Floating Restaurant 

Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park

The Zipline is really super duper cool! 

At Bohol Python

At Blood Compact

Finally, we have reach our resort - Dumaluan Beach Resort! 

Love the scenery but Im not really a beach person. Haha! 

Crystal clear water! 

Its just you and me... =) 

Baby's Dad playing piano. 

My first time playing with star fish. Hehe!
Etc etc... Playing & fooling around along the beach.

A good Red Horse Beer

If your keen in going there, do look for this driver - Boyet his hp no. # 09177014071

Day 10 - TBC! 

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...