Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where I have no money....

Anyway, when you have no more $ to spent. The best place to go and eat is to go Bukit Timah Hawker Centre because I will get free treats from SPY! LOL. Thank SPY. Anyway, I found someone to match aunty lu rou. The person is the guy who works for her. LOL. He shall be the uncle lu di ku. Aww.. What a matching pair.

Here's Auntie Spy. I think she wants to has a baby soon. Muahaha.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random things to mention

Random 1:

I saw Mr Vampire! Although it's no longer a need to see him but I don't mind some eye candy in the morning. When he saw me, he asked his daughter to sit outside the door and wore her shoe. His daughter left ears is like kanna box! Hm... Must be that evil witch did that to the poor little girl. Lol. Few nights ago, when I reached home, I heard that evil witch screaming and yelling at her child. Back to it, too bad for him, the lift came quicker than his daughter could wear her shoe. Bye bye Mr Vampire.

Random 2:

As usual the MRT train is very crowded in the early morning. Infront of me, there stood a middle age Indian man, wearing very smart. I didn't notice much about him at first as I was listening to my mp3. When I wanted skip a track, I looked up and saw that Indian trying to scratch his crotch. LOL. I think he saw me looking at him, he immediately stopped and put his left hand into his left pocket. I saw he was like scratching inside. LOL. Then he put his right hand into his right pocket and do the same thing. LOL. Enough said.

Random 3:

Back at home, Seng said his parent fight because of his lost and found ah ma. His father blame everything on his mother and make her cried. This kind of man really SUX big time!

Random 4:

This is kinda sad isn't it? I have to make and grow money while SPY & Grassy are going to spent and throw more money to Tioman. LOL. Enjoy both of you.

Well, at least Grassy and me are going out tomorrow. =D

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No money no talk

I have been thinking about SPY's Tioman trip. I think I can't go there enjoy and relax. I have already told my mama that I'm going to find a job from 1st September onwards. This also means that I have to stay in Singapore and no more me being the super slacker. Haha. If only your holidays starts earlier.

Currently, I have no idea what job I want to find. Maybe be a part time teacher =D At least when the course starts next year, I will already have some experience. *Burrr* I'm not thinking because I just want the $$.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Why Ang Moh don't wear bra?

I heard this funny conversation when I'm on the bus.

Wao. You never wear bra?
Girl: Wao lao ! Got le.
Boy: Is it? Why like can see got the 2 things.
Girl: Got la. Maybe the bra very soft la.
Boy: Orh...
Girl: If i'm ang moh then I won't be wearing liao.
Boy: Haha. Why ang moh don't wear bra ar? Is it because they too big so can't find their size?
Girl: Wao lao eh. Can't be la. Don't wear more cooling ma.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Genting story in pictures: Day 2, 3 & 4

I shall just bumped it all together because it's getting er.. too Draggy. I have not write what has happen this week!!! Maybe later after this post.

Day 2

The deadly desert that made me visited the toilet several times.

Erm.. silly people

Day 3

The sickly me got a red snow cap from my mum. Please note that Newbie tshirt is for me to sleep and vomit on. LOL.

Day 4

The smart thought that the great wanna lick her. *yikes*

Grow up!! LOL.

Goodbye to Genting

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Genting story in pictures: Day 2

Good morning. Let's see who is out of the bed.

Oh it's Grassy. Trying to act "ke lian" again. Lol.

Is day 2 a day to go out theme park to play till we drop? Hm... Not too sure about the weather. Let's take some photo with the elephant first.

Grassy and her FAVOURITE elephant. =p

It's better to fill out our tummy with some food first.

I don't think this picture need any caption. Just laugh out loud.

*burp* Can we go out to play now?

Oh now. It's raining! Boo hoo! We have to stay in door.

What shall we do now? Well, we can only play in door game. So what will be our first ride?

Yea! Some kiddy ride... Merry-go-round!

Grassy suffering from some OLD sickness??!!

Our next ride is some er...Ride a boat?

This ah pek can't sing. The radio is spoil! Grassy and me have to endured the song throughout. Lol.

There are only a few rides available because most of the MORE exciting ones are under -construction. Awww... So sad. So we went shopping instead.

This is the place where Grassy get her "Uncle Alan" hat.

Then we shop shop shop till a certain time. We met up with my parents and went to play pool.

Then I get Grassy to get addicted to Pool!!! Haha!

After that... We didn't do much. We just wasted our time away while waiting for the buffet at night.

Grassy looking sad after knowing I took another of her photo again.

Back at the hotel...

We gave my sis her birthday present.

Hm... and we took some random silly photos....

Well I shall continue day 2 nightmare buffet tomorrow....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Genting story in pictures: Day 1

The journey begin Grassy coming to Reddish house to sleep...

Grassy was being her ownself again - Super Hyper Active Kid. She just can't get to sleep. So poor Reddish had to to suffer the 2-hours sleepish night.

When it's finally 6am Grassy was so happy and shook the poor Reddish up.

Time to go Genting...So what's for breakfast er...Lunch today? Let's check it out!

Yes! It's the super duper ultra DA BAO!

Poor Grassy has to eat it under the pressure from my mother. LOL. I was laughing so hard each bite that she took.

*vroom* Moving on...

Read this guys!

At the Genting Hotel...

It's 22.4 degree celcius. The weather is so far so good. Er... Not really, it's darn cold there.

So what's the next thing that Reddish will do? Let's guess... It's something that she is very good at...

YES. It's taking Grassy's photo....

*Ahem* it's about time to check-in.

Hm... 9th floor please.

Let's play catching!!

Can you spot where is Grassy?

Room 0912 please....

Er... Ok this the Genting 5 stars hotel. Haha.

Shopping hoursssssss and I mean hourssssssssss.

I shall not take down what I have brought because I know someone else bought more things than me. =P

Late at night, little kids can't go into Casino and so what will they do?


Then they will be happy little kids.

To be continue...

Monday, August 7, 2006

Do you know how old is Singapore?

I guess alot of people whom come from mainland China has a very big misconception that Singaporean speak good English. Well, there are Singaporean who speak good English but definitely not the majority. I really don't like some of the girls from those girl's school, they just like to speak like they are some Caucasian. Oh please, no matter how well they try to act, they still sound like Singlish. Yikes. Speak singlish la. So what?

Tomorrow is National day... So do you know how old is Singapore on the 9th August 2006? Read the following...

One day, my father's colleague, he is from China, he asked my dad a question...

China man: How old is Singapore this year?
Dad (Singaporean, of cos): Erm.. 39 years old.
Malaysian man: Singapore this year is 41 years old.

This is not a joke, my dad told me about this. I think my dad came from Italy too. He don't even know how old is Singapore.

2 more days and I will fly to Genting. I can't wait for it but at the same time... I will miss those whoever miss me. You know who you're.

Here's some dumb dumb pictures. Cheers ~

Aunty SPY ~ Don't sms my in the morning hor!! LOL. Di siao you again when i'm back =D Btw, I still ike.. erm.. WAITING for a big treat from you. =p

Dr Chris..erm.. Chief Chris....More tips please....! I don't just eat fish, fish and er.. more fishes... *faint* Anyway, I'm gonna see how fat your bag is. XD

MUAHAHAHHAHAHA. This photo..... I can't say... because I think my sis told him about my blog =X

Sunday, August 6, 2006

That's all folks

Playing too much game will keeps your mind in the virtual world and exits your brain from the reality. I should take some time off my game and check who is online.

Life has been still quite the same - Playing game, going out, missing people around me and rot even more. The reason why I have not been blogging is because my brain is dying on me. I have not been sleeping early. Partly it’s my fault and well… someone else is at fault too. LOL. Thanks for Dr Chris AKA Grassy for some health tips. I always drink milk with some other junks whenever I’m hungry. Now I know that I shouldn’t and also, hm… Sleeping in the afternoon is bad. Dr Chris is kind enough not to ask for any consultation fees.

I smsed SPY and told her I hate her. LOL. She is very surprise but I was just pulling her leg. This is just a way to get someone’s attention. I asked her to sms Grassy about whether she is going to her house on National day. Frankly, I miss talking to her. Although sometimes she is too much of fairy tale, I don’t mind getting out of the reality and chat with her for a while.

*yawn* I think I'm going back to my game. XD

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