Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I cannot help but love Alice. She's the child in all of us. Grown up enough to feel that she is able to care for herself in the world, but young enough to have a great sense of adventure and also an intense curiosity of the the point of being dangerous! She is brave but she is shy. She is smart, but doesn't take her own advice (like most of us) She is bold, yet humble. She is such a girl! She changes her mind from minute to minute, but all the while, try her best to be lady like and cordial...I just cannot help but make Alice my favorite character :)

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Driving license delivered to my doorstep

I received my driving license in the Monday afternoon. The postman came knocking on my door and the moment I opened it, I was like thinking, "Wao lao! Must be my sister buying online clothes again!" After the lady passed me a envelope and I saw the word, "government". Then I start to think... perhaps it's my driving license? After signing the acknowledgment letter, I closed the door and opened the envelope. Taaa daaa! Indeed it's my driving license! Now I am valid Class 3A driver without a real car. Lol~

Luckily the photo ain't that bad but as you can see my face is getting rounder, which is a VERY BAD NEWS !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 22nd birthday to me! =)

This is how I celebrate my birthday by eating and eating ><

Ice cream cake from Swensens!

Fortune Feast from KFC ~ Sponsored by me

Rite Pizza ~ Buy 1 get 1 free! Sponsored by my dear. First time trying this unknown pizza brand. Overall the taste is not bad. =)

Autumn classic pizza and Fortune pizza.

My birthday cake =D

My kuku sister ~

Looks like mama is more excited than me. Is it her birthday or mine? LOL

LOOK! My mama trying to blow my candles! But of cos in the end all candles are blown by me ~

Thanks to my wonderful family & my dear dear for making the 10th Feb a great day and even more memorable than my 21st =D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I finally got my driving license!!!

I finally got my license on 1st February 2010!! After spending 3-4 month of my time going to BBDC to learn driving and spending $2010 to pay for it I finally got it!! I am so happy! At least all the effort and money did not go down the drain!

This is my temporary license . I got the license but no car -___- I can't even drive my bf's car! It's not that he don't allow me to drive, it's due to some other reason!

I only got 6 demerit points! Woohoo! But I think those points given to me are unjustified! The tester just want to give me some demerit points so that I won't look so perfect! I swear that I am not lying!

Anyway, the tester is damn fierce and so unfriendly!! Luckily I bo chap him if not I might get frighten off and fail my test. Phew! I am not afraid of fierce uncle! Lol!

Hm.... Well so maybe I should share some passing tips ya? Hehe! Maybe it's not tips, it's just what I did before and during my test.

Before the test
1) For all my revision lessons, I go through 2 rounds of circuit and 2 test road.
2) Book 1 revision slot before the test date.
3) Go temple and pray for that the traffic on the road that day will be smooth and ya, you may make some donation. Hehe.
4) Think about the worse case scenarios that might happen on the test day itself. Eg. like how you may hit the curb or change lane abruptly.

On the test day
1) Wake up 2 hours before your test time .
2) Just flip through the practical training handbook.
3) Hope for the best and no more negative thoughts!! You must think about the amount of money that you have spend and therefore you can't afford to fail! Think about the time you gonna waste! Time is money so don't waste either of it!

During the test
1) Relax!
2) Treat the tester as your uncle so you must he feel safe with your driving. How to make him feel safe? Check all your blindspots!!
3) Drive as how you will drive during your driving lesson. Don't pressure yourself thinking that you gonna fail! No way that you will pass if you already have the "fail" mentality!
4) Don't keep looking at him! Lol! His face might frighten you further!

By the way, if you notice that the tester is looking at the scenery around him and not pay attention to you, GOOD LUCK! It's 70% that you gonna pass your driving! =D

Good luck to whoever going to take their driving test =)

Im your good example to follow. Hahahahaha!

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