Saturday, August 7, 2004

Moscow Circus!

6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th! Wee! No school! But I have to study for tests. *sigh* Well, it's ok, it's only Bio and History.

I went to Moscow Circus with my sis yesterday. I thought it was rather boring but it turned out to be quite fun to watch. Some performances are awesome and it really make us laugh. I love the the last performance! The guy who was performing is soooooooo handsome!!! I get so excited each time when it was his turn to perform his trick. He's so cuteeee! Oopps! So sorry, there I go again. Haha! But too bad didn't mange to take his photo. What a waste right? I can only count on my memory to remember his face. Aww...Haha! Anyway, I took some pathetic photos using my phone. Haha! Although the pictures seem to look so small, we can actually see very clearly. Don't you know that photos tell lies too? Haha!

1st photo (The starting performance) 2nd Photo (Just the stage) 3rd Photo (Some awesome performance. Lol!)

Thanks to those who comments on the site. I'm going out now. I'll get back to ya guys later!

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