Thursday, May 26, 2005


My fav team, Milan lost to Liverpool in the Champion League final. I don't know what the hell has happen to Milan. They were 3-0 up in the 1st half but they conceded another 3 goals in the 2nd half to allow Liverpool to equalise. At the penalty shootout... I'm so upset with Pirlo & Sheva! They're supposed to be the one that will shoot in the goal but they didn't. *sigh* Milan played well but not the madness of 6 min that they conceded 3 goals! Whatever it is....FORZA MILAN!

Im changing a new layout soon. By then, I will return all comments.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Do you have a better life than me?

Let's see if you're having a better life than me.

1) My Dad bought a new HP computer for me! Ok, I will tell you what’s so good about this new PC. It got 1024MB DDR RAM, 200GB S-ATA HDD, DVD-RW Drive, 17” LCD Monitor, TV Tuner Card with FM Radio and etc. I LOVE THE TV TUNER CARD! I’m craving for it and now I got it! Yay!

2) I will most likely get my new Olympus digital camera on Friday! Wooohoo!

3) My study room is filled with guys’ photos on the wall. Lol!

4) I own a Nokia 6230 hand phone. It’s not the best phone in the world but I can use it to listen to MP3!

5) I got a part-time job and the amount of money I earn from this job allows me to buy some branded stuffs. Hehe.

6) I can’t get into the course that I wanted to but my parents are willing to spent more money for me to go to private school to further studies.

7) I don’t do household chores!!!!!!!

8) I get more freedom than most teenagers.

9) I get to travel overseas at least once a year.

Last but not least, I got a wonderful family.

I’m not bragging.
I just want to say that how much I appreciate my life right now. Rising up in this family, is a blessing and I won’t take it for granted.

You don’t have to envy me. I bet you guys have a good life too. Don’t you think that have a computer and looking at my blog is a blessing too? Haha!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Buon Compleanno, Andrea!

Auguri per i tuoi ventisei anni! Ti auguro una giornata speciale! Ti amo!

Happy 26th birthday to my darling, Andrea!

Ain't he cute? Hehe!


P/S: I don't really expect anyone to comment on this post. Yes, you don't have to comment if you don't wish to. Lol! Feel free to look at the previous post. Thanks everyone for commenting on my previous post, I will be checking out your site soon.

Monday, May 16, 2005

If you're a man...

1) You can sit with your legs wide open.
2) You can talk loudly.
3) You can be topless when you're at home with your family.
4) You can choose not to shave your pubic hair or leg's hair. Lol!
5) You don't have to wear bra.
6) You won't scream and shout when there's a small pimple on your face.
7) You can shake your leg.
8) You don't have to do all those household chores; your wife will do it!
9) You only need one suitcase when you go for 1-week holidays.
10) You can don't change your hairstyle for your whole life!
11) You don't need excessive make-up to look nice.
12) You don't to go through menstruation!!

So have you decide to change your gender? Lol! I used to wish that I'm a guy but not now. Don't you know there are much better benefits to be a woman than a man? Hehe!

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Family sickness day!

Can you believed it? Argh! My Dad is spreading his germs around! Now my sister is down with flu too. Ok, here’s another bad news, I share the same room with my sis, so it’s a very high chances that I might get the flu too! Now, I’m praying hard that I will be spared from getting any virus from my family members! I still have to work on Saturday and Sunday, I have to be fit! I have to sleep early today so I can build up my immune system! Lol! I will check back those who comments tomorrow.

Oh… One day thing, Milan is in the final of Champion League. Read my post match comments here. I doesn't want to bore those people who are not interested in soccer.

Show you something...

My dar dar! Tell me that he is cute ok? Lol!

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