Thursday, December 28, 2006

Words of wisdom

It's kinda funny but I saw my mom wrote the following on a piece of paper and place it in the living room's table.

Home is not where you live but where they understand you.
People who are generous are often attract wealth.
Sleep only for rest, do not sleep through laziness.
Genius does what it must, and talent does it can.
Life is too short for us to make it pretty or cheap.
Love the beautiful, desire the good, do the best.
We talk of killing time, while time quietly kills us.
Never risk more than you can afford to lose.
Success is often just an idea away.
Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.

It's rather interesting and somehow true about it. =)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I guess this is life...

I took a photo of this when I saw it in a book from the library. It does looks scary but also reflected something about humans life. Need no explain, these picture can elaborate in many ways. It's up to you to think what it depicts.

I thought I wanna wrote something about her but currently my brain isn't working due to some semi construction inside. It has been working very hard to maintain her owner and yar... The owner is me, the troublesome one. Perhaps tomorrow when my brain decided to work well again.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Movie Review - Eragon

Christopher Paolini might be the next J.R.R. or Tolkien J.K.Rowling. Well, who knows? Maybe he will not be because he doesn't has a name like J.B or C.P. Haha. Anyway, who is Christopher Paolini? Who is the writer for the the novel, Eragon.

I have watched this movie just not too long ago at Cathy. It's really a good movie I should say. I thought it will be something like LOTR but it's not really so. Although I have never watch LOTR before but i know it's different.

Basically Eragon is a 17 years old farm boy but he is chosen to be a dragon rider and later he finds out that he has a fate to lead the dragon into battle and win the war against the evil king. But there is one flaw to having this dragon, if the dragon dies, the dragon dies and the boy will be still alive, but if the rider dies, so does the dragon, so they have to keep each other alive. Then this part about the rider dies, so does the dragon but if the dragon dies, they boy will be alive is so rather unoriginal and uncreative because it's similar or I should the same as the flim, Dragonheart.

The movie is more than just "one part brave, to three parts fool". Haha. Despite the lack of originality, it's still worth to spent your penny watching it.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Morning session talks with Mum

Whenever my mother is off, I know we will be talking about the same thing - MY SISTER! Sometimes I really think she is beyond hopeless! She is not motivated by anything at all! Not even money. *sigh* So what did my mother and I talked about today?

1) Can't be bothered attitude
It's been 1 month since she is jobless. Although we know that she is going to Malaysia this coming 29th, she don't even really bother to look for a part time job. Every morning, she won't be so hardworking enough to wake up in the early morning to buy newspaper. However, she is able to wake up in the early morning today! The reason was because she is going to Ben's house. *yawn* Well, that Ben don't seem to be encouraging enough. She is jobless, I doubt he has ever ask her to look for job. They are both equally the same, they only like to enjoy. If she can wake up so early to go to his house, why can't she wake up that early to look for a job?

2) Being lazy
There's a word in hokkien that say, "lazy till all the juice is out". Erm... Something like that. If you ever has a chance to go to her room you will be surprise. If that's not her room, I can understand but it's her OWN ROOM!

3) Over reliance
So strangely enough or I should say, dumb enough, she is not following Singapore's calendar, she followed Ben's calendar. *Sigh* What more can I say? I really pity Grassy. Haha. She is good enough to ask her out but she...*sigh* Doesn't she already realise why SHE DOESN'T EVEN REALIZE WHY SHE HAS NO FRIEND??? Hopeless. So I shall just end here.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Define love

Oh man! This is so great, I just realized the labels work just like Wordpress!! So it also means that I won't need to change after all!

Anyway, I finally watched finish the 16 episodes of the show, My lovely Sam Soon. Sometimes, I wonder why can't Singapore produce some great drama like this?

Just like what this show has mentioned, love is childish and love is just like after drinking wine. Sometimes, love just makes people do foolish things for their partner and felt that it's the greatest things that they have done. Love is bitter and sweet, if you can't take the hardship then it's better to stay out of this. SPY do you hear this? Oops. I should just stop bring her in!!y. Haha.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

M-O-N-O-T-O-N-O-U-S 365days

Life has been so monotonous. Well, there is never a day that it is not M-O-N-O-T-O-N-O-U-S. I sometimes felt like I'm just like a object in the factory - the process just kept repeating. However, at least I think I'm better off because I still can rebel. Haha.

I have already took a NPL on the 15th. I just get to know that Grassy has something on that day? I tried asking if 18th is possible but SPY is erm... Booked! Also, I doubt I can take NPL on month end. *sigh* Whatever it is, sometimes I felt so tired of many things. I felt like having no life. My off day always got something on!! #^$@$^@#$ If I don't get to go out with them, the most I just sleep at home and play my Football Manager.

I'm up at 8:30am today to complete the stupid Appraisal. I did not complete it, I just managed to add in more rubbish. Time to go off.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

D for Desmond, D is for DOG!

Morning was bad. I got frightened by Ko. He suddenly came from behind and tapped on my bag and asked me this stupid question, "did I frighten you?" Gosh! Obviously, you did!

I hate the word LATE! So pissed off this morning. I got an email yesterday saying that I need to attend the reharsal for the stupid Sucess Seminar at 10:30am. I came at 10:30am and I didn't even see a single soul not even a trace of Ghost's shadow. I waited for another 15minutes, still there was no sight of any human. Yea, maybe only Randy and Yan ping. Desmond was still sitting at his idiot chair doing this own things.

When the time strucked 11am, I was even more pissed off. I went to look again, the training room was empty. I was like thinking, "why does these people are so fucked up?" I was very mad and I went downstairs to eat my breakfast alone. So fucking waste my time to come so early and breathe the Nu air. After that I then realised that they started the stupid reharsal at 11am plus. I totally missed the whole stupid reharsal but do you think I give a damn about it?

To idiot who sent me the fucking email,

If you don't plan to start the stupid thing so early then please don't set the time at 10:30am! You are a fucking idiot!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Something funny to take note of

Movie Review for Happy Feet

Rating: PG
Consumer Advice: Some Frightening Scenes
Language: English
Genre: Animation / Comedy
Director: George Miller
Cast (Voice):
Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman,
Nicole Kidman

In the great nation of Emperor Penguins, deep in Antarctica, you’re nobody unless you can sing—which is unfortunate for Mumble (ELIJAH WOOD), who is the worst singer in the world. He is born dancing to his own tune…tap dancing..............

Do take note of the wording that are highlighted in red.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Early birthday celebration for mama

My mum's birthday falls on this month 26th but she isn't off on that day so I decided to treat her 'Zi Char' or whatever it's call. Lol.

This 'Zi Char' stall at Jurong West is really good. The food is cheap and yummy! *Burp* Oops! =X

Sharkfin. Erm... Suppose to be a bigger bowl? Haha.

Erm... This is called, Polo pork rib. Whatever is it, it tasted really nice but it's too LITTLE!

BBQ stingray!

GRACE!! I finally watched 7 episode of 'My lovely Sam Soon'. That guy is really yandao. Hahaha. Guess I will be seeing you this 'idiot' very soon. That day was kinds weird. I was weird so I have no time to reply her then she was like saying me something which I can't remember and she went offline. -____-

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Horoscope from MSN

Career matters may be put on hold today as important communications you're expecting fail to come on time, dear Aquarius. As you're anxious to conclude the matters involved, you could make yourself crazy with frustration. Don't do this. Find something else to do while you're waiting, and the time will pass more quickly. You'll get something done besides! Your primary concern will be resolved - just not when you'd hoped. Be patient!

Wah so true and scary too.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The worst wedding dinner

Randy's wedding dinner at Changi Village Hotel was the worst experience I ever had. Let's start with the the ...

1. Service - Most or maybe all the waiter/ess are from China. I have nothing against them but their attitude is poor. Firstly, they didn't even produce the most simple service - SMILE. Everyone of the are so DAO!

Then the way they serve the food was like Kopitiam standard! They just like bam and dump the food on the table. When they serve the fish, they didn't remove the fish bone.

When our drinks was finished, NO ONE bother to refill our drinks. Each time we have to call them to refill. They didn't bother to change the plates too. It's only when we kept asking them to change then they will do it for us.

The time to serve each dish was so damn SLOW!!! It's like when your tummy have digested each dish they will then serve another. The last dish was desert, they really took donkey years to serve. 3/4 of the guests have already left even before the desert is being serve! PATHETIC!

2. Food - Yikes! Then even let me get this started. All the food were simply SUCKS! The chicken was tasteless and no source to dip. The fish was equally bad... the whatever rice...Well basically all the food that were being served that night SUCKS!

3. Environment - Erm.. Alright the place is kinda decent BUT the cloth that was used to cover the chair was dirty and the napkin as well. Yikes! The plates and bowl was equally BAD!

One word to sum up everything...


Sunday, November 5, 2006

A real blog entry

I shall post a real post, shoudn't I?

The GEM (Go-the-Extra-Mile-for-Service) started on 1st Nov. To me, it was really nothing and I don't expect to win of cos! If I win, then I should immediately become the Senior DSR! LOL!

Then that Low Chun Ping (HAHAHAHA) was asking me if I have the confident to win the "Hong Xing Da Jiang". After I heard that, I was like DUH! Haha! I then told him that I'm still new, alot of the distributors won't know me or my name so it's unlikely for me to win. Hm... I should ask him to vote for me! HAHA!

Today there is this uncle who always come and buy for his downline. He told me that he like my smile. I just laughed. Then after that he added that he felt happy whenever he see me. I laughed again and asked him why. The reason he gave me was that because I'm always so cheerful and smiley. He then asked for my name and said that he will vote for me for the GEM. I then joked and said, "Skali, I got only 1 vote and that's from you. Haha." He then replied saying that I'm so good, there will bound be people who voted for me too. Haha. I felt kinda happy after that. After all it's an compliment. Thank you uncle but I don't remember your name. Haha!

Also, this is just so weird, I will always run away from those surveyors or whatever. However, SADLY today that silly Grassy didn't know how to walk out of the 2-men trapped. Sigh. I'm now like kinda regret that we both sign that thingy. I have not idea if I should just like terminate the contract in 1 year, 2 year or next month? Lol! GRACE!!! Gimme a I mean sms when you saw this. At least lemme know your decision, ok?

When I reached home today, I opened up the letter from Recruit Express and Ho! Ho! Ho! It's really quite alot of money that I earned for this month. That means I got more money to spend and save at the same time. Plus now I have learn how to earn easy OT money. Haha. All thanks to Richard and er... Jean. Haha.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Another sucide in MRT again!!

Man killed by train at Clementi MRT station

SINGAPORE: Westbound train services between Queenstown and Jurong East MRT stations were disrupted after a man was hit by a train, and died, at Clementi MRT station.

SMRT says buses were provided for about 11,700 passengers who were affected by the disruption.

This incident comes almost two weeks after a similar death at the Chinese Gardens MRT.

Police have classified the death as an unnatural one and are investigating.

source: CNA

WHY!!! MRT station is really such a good place to jump mehz? Pity those people who can't take their train home at that time. Luckily, I'm already home by then! Haha!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New layout and better days?

Weeee! The tile said it all. Nice right? Haha! I know it's nice =D Sadly, I can never be a pro web designer or something.

Working is not so bad after all. I love beginning of the month. Every 25th of the month shall be the darkest day. Haha. Stupid default order.

I was kinda pissed yesterday because no one told us that we can dress down on the eve of public holidays =( Anyway, we ain't the worse. Aaron was more like an idiot that day =X MuaHaha ~

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Perfume hand!

Today, my sis and I went shop around at Jurong. Poor me, I spent alot of money again! Then sis went to body shop and wanted to test the perfume. Poor me again, all the different perfume was tested on my hand. What was worse was that I found out 1 of them was for the toilet!!!

Greedy Greeny Grace is asking for present for her coming birthday. Haha! Well, I have decided, she can choose any present that she likes but my budget is $10.55. Muahahaha.

A nice photo to end today's blog.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another sucide at MRT Station

Why do human like to end their life at MRT station so much? This time there was a man who is in his 40s died after being hit by MRT train at Chinese Garden Station.

Frankly speaking, I'm not trying to be mean here but if you really wish to end your life, kindly please choose somewhere else like, your HDB flat or wherever you like. It's kinda like a very selfish act and causing a nuisance to the public. For example, ME ME ME ME!

My train has to stop at Jurong East MRT station. I went to the Jurong East interchange to take bus but the quene for the bus to Boon Lay was so damn long!!!!!!! Then I decided to take a cab. All greedy taxi driver decided to put their taxi either 'on hire' or 'on call'. #$%#$^@%@#$@#$ Luckily, I'm still smart enuogh to think of something else. I went to the bus stop which is behind the library to take bus. Oh man! How many of my precious time was wasted just because of a man who wish to end his life.

Unless this man die not because he wanted to die then I got nothing to say.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another week of heavy eye lid

More complaints on this entry? Most likely, so don't mind me. Haha!

Working stuffs
- Another week of waking up early is making me like a panda. Hopefully the new program will be much more efficent.

- Eris is really super duper big mouth. She really can gossips and complaint about this and that everyday. She yank yank yank at the pantry about Joey, complaint about Randy and blah... However it's always interesting to hear her complaints. Haha.

- Kenji is an idiot. Ok, not exactly but he is a BIG SKINNY BULLY. He always 'shoot' me like as if I have offended him. Then we will be like 'shooting' at each other. #%#%@#^@# Alright, I'm just kidding. He ain't that bad other than he likes to say me >.< - I love the company's MSN communicator. Whatever I need to ask help I can just click 'Richard' and send my message. However, I think I will be in a big debts because of Atlas aka the-stupid-system-that-require-supervisor-ID-when-you-edit. Haha. Richard always charge me for using 'his service'. Thankfully, we just shut down Atlas today! - We have the so called SAP test yesterday. *ahem* I got the highest score!!!!! In order to show off, I will not count the 'show hand' questions. The last question is damn idiot. LOL!

Misc. stuffs

- I didn't manage to take any pictures of my new hair because I find taking photos of myself is very er sin. Randy said I got a new nice hair. Muahaha.. He even asked the rest to cut like mine during the Monday breifing. Muahaha~

- Alright, here is something before I sleep...

I was so bored yesterday night. So I went to observe everyone. Then there's one Cheena girl wearing mini skirt and a transparent lace blah blah. This ah peh kept looking at her legs as if as she is so sexy. Booo! Whenever there are girls who wore slightly lesser, he will just turned and looked at that person. Yawn. Nan ren shi hao she de. Lol! I think I got nothing better to do.

Ciao~ I'm going to sleep.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lil red ridding hood

I finally figured out why my new entry can't up show!

By the way, I got myself a new hairstyle. Erm.... Red and brown dyed and erm... I cut my fringe. I can said that the hairstylist is pro! Haha! If I got a chance, I will take some photos and post it. Haha! I shall blog everything at the end of the week!


Sunday, October 8, 2006

1 week of hell

1 week of waking up early in the morning is really torturing. Haha! The training is alright, but it can be quite confusing sometimes. It's rather hard to squeeze everything into your brain in just 2 weeks. It's just like an exam, how is it possible to stuff all the information into your brain when your exam is going to start in 2 weeks later.

I was talking to Aaron yesterday, we were talking about something that I can't remember the details. I remembered asking him where is the number 1 yandao in the warehouse. Hahaha! Then he added by saying there's another called Alex, who is coming back on Monday from reservist. Then I asked him if he is more yandao than Henry then you introduce to me or I'm not interested. Lol!

Talking about guys, I somehow think Randy is a little crazy sometimes. That time we were having our SAP training, no matter how I tried I just can't login. I complaint to him and then I try again. I try many times then I finally login! Then Randy asked me how come I can login now. So I replied by saying, "eh... because just now I forgot to put the SG in the login name". So you know what he did? He throw the small tiny bits of candies on his hand at me. -__- I know he is just playing but just seems a little crazy too. Hahaha! Another thing, he likes to use his elbow to erm... how to explain... It's hard to explain in words. Unless you are interested then ask me. I shall stop talking about him.

Before Joey & Yenny leave, they gave us candies & chocolates. I was asking them, "today is Childrens' day?" Haha. Sometimes it's kinda sad because when you found 2 person who can make you feel comfortable tlaking crap to and become rather close. The next moment, you know you are not going to see them everyday. Having a boyfriend working in the same company with you is kinda different from having a friends there.

Well well... Yesterday outing with Monz™ was fun. On our way to Cineleisure, Grassy and me saw a lady in yellow... No speech was needed, we both just burst out laughing. That lady was really funny... Her clothing and the way she walked was just... WRONG WRONG WRONG. Haha!

We went Seoul Garden to eat. *pause a minute* I pity my money. *sobz* Haha. While eating, I always remembered how much I can eat... Plates after plates. Then what happen in Genting really taught me a lesson. *scary* Then I didn't even eat the desert after that.

Surprisingly, Grassy suggested that we should take neoprints! Alright, that was really amazing. Haha! But she got her reason, it's really hard for the 4 of us to go out together. Here are some silly neoprints that we have taken. I kinda regret for not wearing my home clothes inside my polo tees. >.<

Ahhhhh! Monday is my performance review! I wonder what Randy will ask me.... That's all for now. Hopefully, it's long enough. Lol!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Happy Children's day!

Erm... Yep. That's all folks. Hahaha! I'm no longer a kid anyway. If only I can be a child on every passing day. Talks about children just makes me feel kinda confuse. For the sake of money or interest? Money or interest? Some people will go for money. For my case, this time round I have chosen money. Hopefully it's not a wrong choice. Even if there's future plan, I doubt it's too late to change. It's still flexible =)

Anyway, I got some compliments from the distributors that makes me happy. One praise me for being patient and another said that I never fail to smile at her even though she keep asking and complaining. I guess that's the satisfaction you will get for working at that place.

Aaron is a smartass. Lol. On his 2nd guess, he knew who is the person who said that nasty phrase. The person's name is not even worth to mention in my blog. It's funny that he ask if I speak mainly English at home. He also added thatI sounded more pro in English than Chinese. Who ask me to be best known for being an ang moh lang. Lol! Maybe I just don't like to speak Singlish infront of of important people or people who are more foreign to me. Lol! *ahem*

Anyway, I got my 2 weeks pay! It's not alot so I guess I can't really treat anyone yet. Sorry Grassy. Lol! I doubt we have to meet too. Should I just send the present to all of you? *sigh* Grassy, how about Thai Express the next time when I see you again? I wonder how long will be the NEXT time. I shall just sigh for another minutes.

Anyway, I read my a ex-schoolmate's blog and I just find this pretty interesting.

"...there will be moments whereby, its always happy and you feel like you're in your own fairytale with your own prince charming. The next you know, theres endless misunderstanding where u wish you won't play a part in it."

Sometimes, I really get tired of repeating myself. I don't like to be a nagger but somehow I'm made to be like one. Sometimes I just can't help it by feeling a little less happier.

Once again, Happy Children's day. I wanna be happy too.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All about working again

It's officially that Yenny & Joey are leaving! Once Randy hire somebody to replace them, they will be gone for good. Oh well...

Today, Richard assigned Yenny, Joey, himself and me to eat lunch on 1pm. It's the 2nd time he had such arrangement. He is really a Mr MacDonald or erm.. Mr fast food. He ALWAYS eat fast food but he is still so skinny.

I asked him why is he so good that he arrange us together to eat. Hm... I can't remember what he said to me. I can only remember that we complaint to him that whenever we go out and eat with other people, we are so damnnnnnnnn bored!! He asked us to make some efforts to interact with them. I argued back that it's not whether we make an effort or not, it's whether we got the "mo qi" or not. Just like in the beginning, when I just joined the company, Joey came talking to me and *tadaaaa* that's how we spark off and able to get along well with each other. Joey also added that among so many people, we can only get along more well with him and well we are more comfortable telling him this and that.

I also told him that someone in the company condemn us saying we, newbie won't work for long. He actually asked me who said that but I told him that I didn't wish to pin point at anyone if not I will be as hypocrite as that person - talk behind people's back. At the ending, I told Richard that he is the only one that we trust and said all these to, if he ever went to tell someone else, I will condemn him too. LOL! *ahem* It's not easy to be an assistant supervisior after all.

We discussed about a lot of things which I can't remember everything. When it's about time to go back, I told everyone that, "hai... Happy hour is going to end soon".

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Queen of burgers!

The menu for today

Morning Breakfast: Burger King
Afternoon Lunch: Carl's Junior

Wahh... I'm going to die of too much fats.

Anyway, here's how my working place looks like.

Losing money

Yesterday was so tiring because there were tons of last minute Singaporean trying to clear their default order. They are making me a sad girl because I don't know why I end up paying $8.25 for them. Thanks alot.

The things that upset me was I double check twice but I still make mistakes. *sigh* The other day, I don't even bother to check and yet I got a 'tick' and vrooomm I can go home without feeling sad because my $ just left my pocket. Well, I guess I won't stay at the company for long.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Work washed away my brain!

I guess everything will be short and sweet. Haha. My brain can't type too many things at the moment.

1 week 5 1/2 days I'm working! That's how sad life is when you started working. After I have experience the crowd for Saturday, I have make up my mind that I won't stay long. Lol. I don't know why everytime I have lotsa things in my mind that I wanna write but whenever I wanna write an entry, my mind just went blank.

Yesterday buffet was insane. It was very Chinese style. Erm.. Hard to explain in words or maybe I'm too lazy to think. Haha. I'm getting more lazy these days. Yawnz.

That day I went for lunch with WL and Richard. WL was telling me that guy called, Kenji (who will report back to work on Monday after his reservist) is very HANDSOME -_- I saw him yesterday. Aiya, he was just so so. He is quite so OUT!

Anyway, it's kinda sad that we don't get to celebrate or do anything for our Monz™ day. You guys' presents is still with me. Frankly, I still don't have the time to wrap. Haha. Maybe I will do it later. So little time, so many things to do. *sigh*

Grassy ~! I have already hand in my timesheet because the agent said that if I hand it in on Monday that will be too late. So do you still wanna see my face in the afternoon? In case you didn't see this, I guess I have to sms her later at night. Haha.

24th is the day ~

How I miss the days whereby we still have tons of time together. Seriously, I saw Grace on Wednesday night for dinner, I was very happy. It was just like seeing my 2nd boyfriend. Muahahah =X

Monday, September 18, 2006

Working life

The morning train was awful! The driver should take his driving lesson again. Haha. Joey didn't come to work today, making me so bored. I was there alone listening to "San Gu Liu Po" gossiping. One of the person said, "Aiya, the new comers won't stay long one." Haha. I was like, "Yar yar... you are so darn right. Working here is insulting my intelligence." So darn bored la! I think I can only talk more to Joey or Yenny. The rest like..."San Gu Liu Po". They are already so familiar with each other and can talk anything under the sun, unlike me. ZZZ

I asked the assistant supervisor during lunch time, she told me that currently I am still consider as a temp staff so I need to work on every Saturday!!! WTH! That time Randy told me it's alternate Saturday! Yenny also told me that she felt so cheated and wanted to complaint. LOL!

There is a company dinner at Suntec this coming Saturday! BOOOOOO! I wonder how am I going to meet the Monz™ and pass them the presents. GRASSY MY SAND! LOL! Hm... Should I get something for Grassy only for our 24th? Haha. Even if I want I also don't have the time. Hm... I should start digging things in my house! Muahahaha. Hmmmm....


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Greatest mum in the world!

This is the second time I heard a salesgirl saying this to me..."Your mother is so good." Thanks alot aunty, I do know my mum is good. In fact, despite all her nagging and er... more nagging, she is actually one of the greatest people that I could ever ask for. =D

Saturday, September 9, 2006

I'm finally hired!

I shall blog before I start work on Monday!! Ok, let's rewind the time back to Wednesday, 6th September.

I went for 3 interviews erm... The first one sucks because the idiot lady looked down on me. She thinks her company very good..#%^#$%# Now you give me $5000, I won't want to work for you.

The second interview made me so nervy. I was interviewed by the head of something and another lady in the HR department. They asked me tons of questions to make sure I am very sure about working in NUH.

Thankfully for my smart brain (HAHAHA), I managed to answer them without wasting too much of their time. One of the lady questioned me about my choice of my career path. Actually, I doesn't know how to answer her so I just came out with a stupid story and lied. Lol. Well, sometimes during the interview you just have to lie to show your confidence so as to make sure that they will hire you!!

After like 10-15 minutes of interview, the HR asked me to wait outside and so I waited. When she was out, she told me that she was going to bring me to see the head of other department. Then there I met another 2 ladies. Another 1--15 minutes or so of interview. They said they were keen to take me in! Hoooo! I was so darn happy! Then she said the HR will contact me later.

Then I was like smsing my agent that I didn't want to go for the third interview because I thought it will be a waste of my time. However, the agent insisted that I should go. -_- So bo bian, I just went for the third interview with my tummy 1/2 empty.

I went for the third interview with the bo chap mentally. I just like crap around with the interviewee. He is quite a funny guy. Then he was like... "Okay, if you want I can hire you now. Then I can don't need to interview other applicants." After hearing all the benefits and etc, I decided to say, "yes". So sorry to NUH. Haha =X Oh man, I'm hired! *knock knock Grassy* I'm not a shi ye ren shi anymore. Lol.

Friday was a super tiring day LA~! I bought 4 shirts and a pants in total. It cost me $100+ *faint* I shall earn them back in no time. Crap alot with the Monz. Kinda sad that next time I won't have the luxury of time to spent with them anymore. =/

Then that aunty SPY was so vex thinking about the "lu di ku" guy. HAHA. 80% of her brain is usually make up of the word, "love". Awww... Well, I might be wrong. Why girls have to go sleepless night because of a GUY? I wonder if there is any guys will be like this too. *faint*

At the Expo, the first stop was the food fair. *slurp* I swear we didn't eat alot, we only eat till we didn't have to eat our dinner. Muahaha. At John little, Grassy bought a black shirt... Then we were like planning for our next meeting we shall make everyone wear something formal. Sounds fun. Then the evil me was so happy laughing whenever Grassy bought something. The more she buy the merrier because I can laugh at her for spending more money. *evil grins*

*yawnz* Today my leg is aching!!! I shall just rest and sit on my chair for a longer time.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Blah blah blah

30th July - First Job Interview

I went down to have my first ever interview at Raffles. Hm... I suppose it went quite well. I wasn't really that scared. I just went in and chat with the interviewee. She agree with some of the things that I said and laughed along with some other things that I said. Haha. She told me that if I got selected I will need to come for the 2nd interview. Before I go she mentioned that she hope to see me for the 2nd interview. Well whether I can get the job or not will be another thing. Please hire me! Haha!

2nd Aug - Goodbye

SPY and me went to attend Grassy's ah ma's funeral. *sigh* Ren jiu shi, shen lao bing shi. Didn't do much there... Just sit and eat peanuts & sweets. AHHHH! SPY's peanut shell dropped on the floor and I went to pick it up! AHHH then my hp dropped on the floorrrrr! @#%@@$^ There's a slight scratch. Careful people, please do not hand your hp to me, I might just drop it. -_-

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Family is most important in your life.

Having a high focus on family indicates that you are a loving and nurturing person. You want to have a nice big family of your own, and you are very close with your siblings and parents.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where I have no money....

Anyway, when you have no more $ to spent. The best place to go and eat is to go Bukit Timah Hawker Centre because I will get free treats from SPY! LOL. Thank SPY. Anyway, I found someone to match aunty lu rou. The person is the guy who works for her. LOL. He shall be the uncle lu di ku. Aww.. What a matching pair.

Here's Auntie Spy. I think she wants to has a baby soon. Muahaha.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random things to mention

Random 1:

I saw Mr Vampire! Although it's no longer a need to see him but I don't mind some eye candy in the morning. When he saw me, he asked his daughter to sit outside the door and wore her shoe. His daughter left ears is like kanna box! Hm... Must be that evil witch did that to the poor little girl. Lol. Few nights ago, when I reached home, I heard that evil witch screaming and yelling at her child. Back to it, too bad for him, the lift came quicker than his daughter could wear her shoe. Bye bye Mr Vampire.

Random 2:

As usual the MRT train is very crowded in the early morning. Infront of me, there stood a middle age Indian man, wearing very smart. I didn't notice much about him at first as I was listening to my mp3. When I wanted skip a track, I looked up and saw that Indian trying to scratch his crotch. LOL. I think he saw me looking at him, he immediately stopped and put his left hand into his left pocket. I saw he was like scratching inside. LOL. Then he put his right hand into his right pocket and do the same thing. LOL. Enough said.

Random 3:

Back at home, Seng said his parent fight because of his lost and found ah ma. His father blame everything on his mother and make her cried. This kind of man really SUX big time!

Random 4:

This is kinda sad isn't it? I have to make and grow money while SPY & Grassy are going to spent and throw more money to Tioman. LOL. Enjoy both of you.

Well, at least Grassy and me are going out tomorrow. =D

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No money no talk

I have been thinking about SPY's Tioman trip. I think I can't go there enjoy and relax. I have already told my mama that I'm going to find a job from 1st September onwards. This also means that I have to stay in Singapore and no more me being the super slacker. Haha. If only your holidays starts earlier.

Currently, I have no idea what job I want to find. Maybe be a part time teacher =D At least when the course starts next year, I will already have some experience. *Burrr* I'm not thinking because I just want the $$.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Why Ang Moh don't wear bra?

I heard this funny conversation when I'm on the bus.

Wao. You never wear bra?
Girl: Wao lao ! Got le.
Boy: Is it? Why like can see got the 2 things.
Girl: Got la. Maybe the bra very soft la.
Boy: Orh...
Girl: If i'm ang moh then I won't be wearing liao.
Boy: Haha. Why ang moh don't wear bra ar? Is it because they too big so can't find their size?
Girl: Wao lao eh. Can't be la. Don't wear more cooling ma.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Genting story in pictures: Day 2, 3 & 4

I shall just bumped it all together because it's getting er.. too Draggy. I have not write what has happen this week!!! Maybe later after this post.

Day 2

The deadly desert that made me visited the toilet several times.

Erm.. silly people

Day 3

The sickly me got a red snow cap from my mum. Please note that Newbie tshirt is for me to sleep and vomit on. LOL.

Day 4

The smart thought that the great wanna lick her. *yikes*

Grow up!! LOL.

Goodbye to Genting

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Genting story in pictures: Day 2

Good morning. Let's see who is out of the bed.

Oh it's Grassy. Trying to act "ke lian" again. Lol.

Is day 2 a day to go out theme park to play till we drop? Hm... Not too sure about the weather. Let's take some photo with the elephant first.

Grassy and her FAVOURITE elephant. =p

It's better to fill out our tummy with some food first.

I don't think this picture need any caption. Just laugh out loud.

*burp* Can we go out to play now?

Oh now. It's raining! Boo hoo! We have to stay in door.

What shall we do now? Well, we can only play in door game. So what will be our first ride?

Yea! Some kiddy ride... Merry-go-round!

Grassy suffering from some OLD sickness??!!

Our next ride is some er...Ride a boat?

This ah pek can't sing. The radio is spoil! Grassy and me have to endured the song throughout. Lol.

There are only a few rides available because most of the MORE exciting ones are under -construction. Awww... So sad. So we went shopping instead.

This is the place where Grassy get her "Uncle Alan" hat.

Then we shop shop shop till a certain time. We met up with my parents and went to play pool.

Then I get Grassy to get addicted to Pool!!! Haha!

After that... We didn't do much. We just wasted our time away while waiting for the buffet at night.

Grassy looking sad after knowing I took another of her photo again.

Back at the hotel...

We gave my sis her birthday present.

Hm... and we took some random silly photos....

Well I shall continue day 2 nightmare buffet tomorrow....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Genting story in pictures: Day 1

The journey begin Grassy coming to Reddish house to sleep...

Grassy was being her ownself again - Super Hyper Active Kid. She just can't get to sleep. So poor Reddish had to to suffer the 2-hours sleepish night.

When it's finally 6am Grassy was so happy and shook the poor Reddish up.

Time to go Genting...So what's for breakfast er...Lunch today? Let's check it out!

Yes! It's the super duper ultra DA BAO!

Poor Grassy has to eat it under the pressure from my mother. LOL. I was laughing so hard each bite that she took.

*vroom* Moving on...

Read this guys!

At the Genting Hotel...

It's 22.4 degree celcius. The weather is so far so good. Er... Not really, it's darn cold there.

So what's the next thing that Reddish will do? Let's guess... It's something that she is very good at...

YES. It's taking Grassy's photo....

*Ahem* it's about time to check-in.

Hm... 9th floor please.

Let's play catching!!

Can you spot where is Grassy?

Room 0912 please....

Er... Ok this the Genting 5 stars hotel. Haha.

Shopping hoursssssss and I mean hourssssssssss.

I shall not take down what I have brought because I know someone else bought more things than me. =P

Late at night, little kids can't go into Casino and so what will they do?


Then they will be happy little kids.

To be continue...

Monday, August 7, 2006

Do you know how old is Singapore?

I guess alot of people whom come from mainland China has a very big misconception that Singaporean speak good English. Well, there are Singaporean who speak good English but definitely not the majority. I really don't like some of the girls from those girl's school, they just like to speak like they are some Caucasian. Oh please, no matter how well they try to act, they still sound like Singlish. Yikes. Speak singlish la. So what?

Tomorrow is National day... So do you know how old is Singapore on the 9th August 2006? Read the following...

One day, my father's colleague, he is from China, he asked my dad a question...

China man: How old is Singapore this year?
Dad (Singaporean, of cos): Erm.. 39 years old.
Malaysian man: Singapore this year is 41 years old.

This is not a joke, my dad told me about this. I think my dad came from Italy too. He don't even know how old is Singapore.

2 more days and I will fly to Genting. I can't wait for it but at the same time... I will miss those whoever miss me. You know who you're.

Here's some dumb dumb pictures. Cheers ~

Aunty SPY ~ Don't sms my in the morning hor!! LOL. Di siao you again when i'm back =D Btw, I still ike.. erm.. WAITING for a big treat from you. =p

Dr Chris..erm.. Chief Chris....More tips please....! I don't just eat fish, fish and er.. more fishes... *faint* Anyway, I'm gonna see how fat your bag is. XD

MUAHAHAHHAHAHA. This photo..... I can't say... because I think my sis told him about my blog =X

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