Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm still not motivated

I have been study on and off for my exams but I keep wondering how much info has gone into my head? Im quite ok with Sociology but the rest is like...ermmm hmmm arhhh orhhhhh..... *cross finger* Gotta continue to work hard.

Last Sunday, da xiang brought me to watch Monga. It is quite a good movie but well I think Hong Kong's 古或仔 is still the best! Anyway, I like this song sang by 李玖哲-Making Love Out Of Nothing At All from the movie. It's orginally sang by air supply.

Anyway the air con man came today to fix my poor air con. My air con might has some major problem. I shall not say it out what happen until if it really happen. Lol!

The gain city man trying to fix the air con. I just snap it using my Bb2

Poor air con, please get well soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Supper @ The Cheese Prata

2 days ago, dear brought me to eat prata! If your staying in the West and is a night owl, you should know this stall along Pasir Panjang there. It's quite near to both West Coast Park and NTU. This stall gets more crowded at night.

Our table number.

Mutton soup! The last time I went there the mutton is more tender, this time round the mutton was more tough and harder to chew =/

We ordered cheese prata & egg prata! =D

Been hoon goreng! Yum!

We ordered this maggie goreng because it was raining heavily and so we decided to slack here.

Overall: 7/10

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Western food @ Rasa Sayang

After buying my new lumix lx 3, I happily went taking the pictures of the food that we ate. The quality of the image is definitely better than my old Sony T77!

Italian sausage set - I can't taste much of the cheese but the sausages is nice. Hehe.

ChickenChop with mushroom sauce - Very normal. I can't even tastethe mushroom sauce.

Overall, I'm quite disappointed. We should have tried some other stall at the AMK hawker centre. We went there last year, (check out the post here) the food portion is bigger and the food is definitely nicer.

Check my new loots!!!

Yesterday was the greatest day! Lol! Even though I spend alot of money but I finally got what I wanted! =)

Guess which is mine? =D

I have wanted Blackberry bold 2 since a very very longgggggggg time! Guess what I got later in the evening..... MY LUMIX LX3!!!!! Weee!

I bought at M S Color @ $679 but I add a $20 to get an extra original battery. Usual price of the battery is $75. Other freebies include:

1) 8g memory card
2) case
3) oem battery
4) lcd protector
5) mini tripod
6) card reader

Quite a good deal as I have check with other shops, they are either out of stock or their freebies is only like a 8g card or case.

Anyway I sold off my old Sony T77 at $250, also my dear promise to gimme $200 ( I swear I didn't force him to gimme a single cent) and therefore I decided to buy this if not I am still staring at my money in the bank, hoping it will grow faster every night. Lol!

Oh well well.... Yay! I think my April gonna be a great month! Lol!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shopping spree with Sista!

Hoho! This is just another out-dated post! >_< Many weeks ago, me and my sis went to Somerset 313 to shop! I think other than they have F21 over there, the rest is pretty much the same with all the other shopping mall. Nonetheless we have a great time =)

Before we go for our shopping, we filled our tummy first @ Aijsen, Jurong Point.

My seafood ramen.

Sis's beef ramen.

Their white fish is nice. The side dish come free with the main course.

My sis - Relaxing @ Coffeebean. I wonder why is she looking so shock! Haha!

At the end of the day... This is my loot! None of them are over $30+. Wahaha!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

18 years old girls post pics of her and her bf in action on bed

Omg! I saw this on Wayang and I thought this girl is from other county but I am wrong! She is from Singapore! She goes by the nickname of xxlurvegalxx aka Grace. Well, I don't really care if anyone likes taking such pictures because it is their own business. I do believe there are many others out there doing the same thing!! But perhaps they are smart enough to keep those pictures to themselves.

Regardless if it's public blog or private blog, people will always have a way to DIG YOUR PRIVATE STUFF! So think twice before posting your naked picture! Unless you enjoy getting alot of attentions!

Anyway, I read her blog and in most of her entries she sounded very childish. Oh well, she is only 18 years old. I hope GIRLS should be more sensible in posting such stuff -_-

Anyway, this is what she wrote in her blog.

This reminds me of a story that Kai told me. He said that his friend ex gf "kiap" his ass while having sex so he can shoot it inside her. This way, she can keep him forever. Haha! So naive!!! It sounds abit stupid but it's so funny! Well, girls...!! Please don't try silly things like this! What if you got pregnant and the guy run off? The only person that suffer is YOU and your family -___-

Anyone who is interested to read her blog, click here. Nothing wrong to share right? After all, she is the one sharing it with everyone. Haha.

EDIT: BOoo! The link don't works anymore! I think she has removed her blog.

I'm not lazy, I'm just not motivated!

I am practically wasting my time away when I am not working. I should be spending more time on revising but I seems to be playing games or slacking around all the time. I keep thinking about money issues, my next holidays destinations, when my Death Knight gonna reach level 80, when my Druid will get a gear scored of at least 5800 and etc. See! Nothing about my studies at all!!! The only reason I resigned from my job is because of my studies and now I am like wasting my time away doing nothing! Since I am not working, I have zero reason to fail any of my modules! Argh!

Since Tuesday, I tried to write out a to-do list for each day, it doesn't seems to work very well but at least I attempt to do some of the stuff I wrote on the to-do list. AT LEAST I did re-write of my essay on sociology. I wanted to continue to write my notes for my IBM but my hand refuse to start working! Lol! Well I shall write it again today... I believe one day I will truly fulfill all the things in my to-do list -_- Well I will SERIOUSLY start studying from next week onwards as by then it will be 1 month to my exams!

Oh well, all my other friends all going overseas =( Grassy is going Taiwan and so does Junwei. Wao lao! Can you people don't be so rich?!!! Haha! SPY going HK and HT, I think shes going Japan and Taiwan! I also want to go but nobody is bringing and I am not willing to spend the money in my bank account. Pfft...! I remembered someone said this, "you get money by earning and not by saving them!" Hmmm so true right? If I can earn alot every month I won't have to save until so jia lat! So pathetic!! I wanna earn more instead of save more! Lol! Oh crap! I'm not working now.

Anyway, I feel like going to KL + Genting this year. I went KL with Grassy last year. It was fun traveling without family! My parent tend to think that I will behave like how I am at home, always very mischievous and playing a fool but who knows, when I am outside of Singapore, I am mature and can even take care of the lost cat - Grassy! J/k! At least I can take care of her while crossing the road and reading the map with her. Reading the map is so much fun, it makes me feel very adventurous. Haha! Oh well, since she is going to Taiwan, I shall ask somebody else to go instead of her!! I am hoping that Da Xiang can go this time. If you write out the reason why he can't travel, you will probably laugh till your teeth drop! So this is for me to know, for you to find out. Hmm.... but I think my close friends should know about it. I think it's damn embarrassing for a guy -___-

Also, my parent is going for cruise this coming May! Argh! She gonna dump me at home. Boo hoo! They going on the date that's before my first exam. Oh well, never, I shall let the 2 old folks enjoy they "2 person world"

Hmmmmm.... oh well so my planning for this year should be like this...

1) Study well for my UOL exams. Pass all modules and get to year 2!
2) After exams, I wanna go KL + Genting! If Im going overseas, I should convince myself to use my money to buy lumix lx3!!!!!
3) Get a job that pay me more than my previous salary! It's a MUST! Unless there really isn't then I have to find an alternative way -___-
4) Save more as I promise sis that we going HK next year! She so wanna go HK Disneyland! Da Xiang is such an idiot! He always "hao lian" to me that Japan & US's Disneyland is much bigger and better. HELLO EXCUSE ME! I can't afford to go there ok!! I'm not so fortunate like him! *puke*

I should make an attempt to go overseas at least ONCE every year!

Oh well, I got more things to addon... Thanks to SPY for that day! I'm quite shock that you will call me and we even chat till like 4am? Lol! Thanks for your enlightenment, suggestions and whatever. I can think better now but well I still think that I won't go and "po" his parent. This is just not me! Anyway, now they aren't so bad to me anymore so I'm pretty fine with the way it is now. Well from that day onwards, I tell myself not to keep bottom things up, I will only make myself worse. I always think that I am the only person who can solve my own problems so I tend not to share my unhappiness. Probably that's why people always think that I am a happy problem-less person. Also, when I keep quiet about certain things it may be because of a certain reason and it's NOT BECAUSE I DON'T CARE or whatever! Hmm... I do have the urge to write a story or whatever about me and SPY. HAHA! I will do it within these few days!

I feel more inspired to write at night. It's pretty strange ya? Alright. Time to sleep! Good night~

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