[About me]

 Welcome to my blog! My real name is not Kristin. My real name is hard to pronounce and only a few people can pronounce it correctly. Most people ended up calling me 'Minnie', 'Mini' and so on so just call me, Kristin. 

I was born and breed in a pea-sized island, where academic is more vital than anything else. Things appear to be bad over here but at least I am not stuck on a freezing island with limited food and with no hope for survival. I know I can't take this this place for granted. 

I am full of imagination but might lack passion. I abhor vulgar people, and I don't like anything in excess. Sometimes I will write about my happiness, rant about my daily life or whatever. 

I'm also in love with my silly, irritating, yet, caring, thoughtful, awesome and always so loving Chinoy hubby and cute little Kristoff. 


Insanity said...

"3 things i couldn't live without my desktop, awesome friends, iphone, my hair(LOL)."

It's 4 things! Hahas

Kristin said...

Thanks eh! U really very free!!

Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

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