Tuesday, August 3, 2004

I'm the top scorer!

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We played floor ball during PE lesson. Surprisingly Im the top scorer together with Mirza! Hehe! I'm so happy! Hehe! My friedns started calling me 'top scorer'. Hehe! The difference between me and Mirza is...I'm a girl and he's a boy! Lol! I felt great! Anyway, I think I was rather lucky to score both goals. Those girls are just...*ahem* I shall not make further comments. Haha!

When you're doing well, people will warmly welcome you. When you're down and out, be prepare to say goodbye.

I did study for Chemistry but the result didn't reflect much. Well, I quite dumb and hopeless. Nevertheless, I can't give up :) One day, I want to hear Mrs Tan praise me instead of Minyi. That girl, I think she did study but she keep saying she didn't. WTF?! Oh god! She's always like that. Mrs Tan was acting cute again. Haha! She name herself the french fries and together with Ms Fahizah and Mdm Soh, they're the 3 french fries. *diao* After that Nurul said that Ms Sudeeren is the NUGGETS!! Haha! That's funny!

During CME, it was damn lame. Mr Tang was simple tooooo boring. So, I used a red marker pen and wrote "you suck" on a piece of paper and paste it on the table so that he can see. Lol! That was fun! Jiesi & co. was there laughing away. Well, CME really suck!

I'm going to the Moscow Circus. Erm... Excited or not? Not sure. Although I have never been to the circus before, I have never thought of going. I think it's a waste of money and boring. Well, I don't really know if it's boring or not. It's my sister who requested to go. I told her it's quite a waste of money but she insisted that she wanted to go.

I felt... I really got nothing to say. Maybe that's her wish. Just like how much I wanted my Roma jersey so much. She might think it's a waste of money too. What's I wanted to emphasis here is that.

I really really wanted to say to my great Papa, I love you so much! He's so nice. He eventually took out his money and give it to my sis and allowed her to go with me. To me it's really a waste of money but I just wanna say it again, but Papa willing to spend such money! He always tries to give us whatever we want. I really feel so fortunate.

Liverpool V Roma tomorrow. Totti is injured again!!!!!!! Damn! Hope he get well soon. Miss ya!

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