Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Backstreet's back alright!

Music: Backstreet Boys - Climbing the walls

Scream, baby, screaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm. Last night concert was splendid! My only regrets was my lousy camera! I should have borrow a better camera from my friends. *sob* The photos I took didn't come out very well. They looked way too tiny in the photos. *sob* Anyway, Im gonna flame the operator from sistics!!! Bloody hell! I booked the tickets 2 days (around 1st Dec 2005) after they released the sales of the tickets. The person told my mum that ALL the front row seats are taken and so we got 2 seats at row 27 and that's so damn far . My friend, Letchmi, bought the tickets at 26th December and she got 2 seats at row 7!!!! WTF? $@#$#%^@$^#$% I WANT TO COMPLAIN!!! ARGH! Im so damn mad!

Back to the concert... OMG! It's a childhood dream come true? Hahaha. I'm so excited when the stadium's lights went out. Everyone was screaming and shouting. Before the boys came out, those poeple who stood infront of me was blocking my view, some even stood on the chair!!!! So I did the same or else I can't see anything but in the end, the security asked us to step down =p

When I saw Nick & co. I was just about to die. Gosh...It's like...OMG I have never see them LIVE before!!! They started the concert with the song, the call.

I couldn't remeber the order of all the songs they sang but well here's a list of the songs they sang last night.

1. I want it that way
2. Show me the meaning of being lonely
3. Quit playing games (with my heart)
4. Larger than life
5. The one
6. Drowning
7. Beautiful woman
8. Siberia
9. Incomplete
10. Shape of my heart
11. Crawling back to you
12. Climbing the walls
13. Weird world
14. I still
15. Just want you to know
16. The call
17. Everybody (backstreet's back)

I was surprise that they sang Siberia... not just because it is not a single from the ablum......It's because that was my favourite song from the album, Never gone. LOL.

Anyway here are some of the funny moments that I remembered:

Brian was making some funny faces while he talked to the fans. He is so damn cute! Haha! I really envy his wife.... I couldn't remember what he said but luckily I get to record some of it on my handphone. After that he asked Nick to use his guitar to play a song for us. Brian then pulled Nick's ear because Nick said that he could not do it. LOL. After that, Nick asked the audience if we have heard of the band, Nirvana. For sure, those people were screaming, 'yes', regardless they really know or now. Then he asked again if we know the songs, 'Smell like a teen spirit'. Alright the fans did the same thing by saying, 'yes'. Just FYI, I really know the band and the song. LOL. He then sang the chorus of the songs and expected the audience to sing along. Well, you know... I bet most fans didn't know the actual lyrics (ME TOO! LOL) so when Nick put the mic to the audience, the singing from the us were rather soft. Then Nick said, "Ok, good try." LOL.

Towards the end of the concert, Kevin told the audience that the band was going to sing the first single from their lastest album. He said something like this, "We are going to sing the song from our lastest album, Never gone, and the song is 'Never gone'." After hearing that, the rest of the members looked very confused. Kevin then joked and said, "it's 'Incomplete'" Then they all started laughing. He was so funny.

They then ended the concert with the last encore song, 'Everybody (Backstreet's back). *sob* The 2 hours concert seems to be wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too short. Before I went home, I actually ran with the crowd to catch the last glismpe of the boys. Awww.. What a day.

I really have a great time singing along with the crowds...including screaming and shouting. Haha! I really really hope they will come again...Hopefully...... If they ever come again, I swear that no matter what, I will go all the way down to Kallang there to book the tickets instead of using the phone to call.

Some lousy photos below:

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Smoke to your graveyard

Music: 50 cent - Candy shop

I went to Art friend to buy some stuffs for my art assignment. Along the way, there were so many smokers!!!!! It stinks so much! I wonder what are these people thinking? Smoking looks cool? Smoking help you to distress?? No way man, it's all bullshit. -_-

No matter what campaign the government introduce or whatever talks that we have in school, it seem to be totally useless. Does those people really care about what will happen to their lungs and brains in the future? Do they really bother that going to suffer from cancer sooner of later? Do they really know I am a victims because I have become a passive-smoker....How I wish this world will be a smoke-free place to live in. Anyway, on my way home, I saw Li Nanxing ex-wife. Haha

I have been tied down by assignments! *yawn* I have not been getting enough sleep. Every morning, I just don't wish to get up!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

You are right and we are wrong?

Music: Nickelback - Follow you home

NOTE: I'm removing all my affiliates and whatever. It's useless to put it there when Im not visting your site. Sorry about that. Those who I know will stay.

Everything started with a blog entry that I posted at Monsters Talk. How do I explain? I am getting more mad after reading her blog entry. I felt that she is just trying to sound like everything she did was right and what did was wrong. Also, please stop being so sarcastic. I was trying to tell you the reasons and hopefully to see you change. What I get back was all your sarcasm and no sorry at all. What the hell is that? Do we really have to accomodate her all the time?

Ok, I will rebut all her points here.

1. "I'm late, is not choice de ma.. well known for that.. din say sorrie because I said a lot of times when I msg u ma, then like noe I wrong so diam diam! paisei la!"
Well known for that? Don't you think it's time for you to change? Tell me, which boss is going to hire a worker who comes late to the office all the time? Since you know you are wrong, I think the more you should apologise to the rest and not just me.

2. "Tt time at mac is wan to call u all.. then I c u all smile smile ma.. i tot u all c me liao ma."
Sound so bullshit isn't it, my dear friend. Did we even look at you? If so, ok I will agree we have saw you but no we didn't even look at you! How could you assume? If we really see you, we would have go to you and say hi to you. Please, don't try to cover youself up.

3. "Finally I m free on 23 of dec u cant make it.. I also no choice de ma"
Anyway, 23rd is a different thing. You guys are meeting those guys and NOT A MONSTERS MEETING. Since Im seeing a doctor so I'd rather choose not to go. Anyway, what's the use of meeting up on that day? I really pity SPY. I hope you could tell you but she told me instead. On that day, you have left her out! I'm not a withness there so please clarify with SPY.

4. "For yesterday I tot u all meeting at abt 4 like tt ma.. I can lor.. I even told my ma I wont be home to eat lor in the end I call py ask her what time u all meeting and she say 12. what can I do? I m studying lez.. cant blame me for that ma then you wan me pon jus like tt ar?"
We didn't ask you to skip school, ok maybe SPY did =x Well, you know you can always come after your lesson!!! No one is stopping you to come and join us!!!

5. "PY say after her sch she will call and tell me if I can o in the end I waited the whole day no call no msg. Then in the end I waited in sch till 5 n then I go buy food back to eat"
If she didn't contact you, can't you contact either me or Grassy? Right? Yes or no? You can't deny.

Ok what else you want me to say?

Monday, January 9, 2006

Where I am from? -_-

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It's the same old question.

When I was in the ladies, I met one of my lecturer. Out of concern (I hope so), she asked me about the condition of my handphone and so I replied her. Blah... On the way back to my classroom, she suddenly pop out this question, "Where are you from?" I was puzzled, in my mind I was thinking..."Huh? You asking which secondary I am from or which primary school?" Haha. So I looked at her and gave her a puzzled look. She then asked me again, "are you local?" I replied her that I was local and somehow I gave her a kind of look that why she said that. Then she said:"because of her your accent..." Then she left. This is the 3rd time that someone asked me this question!!!!!!! What about my accent? Sounds like what?! -_-'''

By the way, here is the good piece of news.... MY HANDPHONE IS OK NOW! Yesterday,I was told that my handphone still can be use but the ringtones will no longer works. Then today, I went to collect the handphone. The lady there told me that my handphone was beyond repair! I was SO DAMN SAD!! When I reached home, I tried charging my phone and tested every function and everything works!!!! -_-'''

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Little handphone went for a swim

It's all how it began...

I was very upset with myself because I felt I have screw up my group's presentation. I was suppose to be mute!!! Damn. My itchy mouth. *sigh* I just feel like crying and so I went to the ladies during the break and so the story goes on. My hp decided to went for a swim... You get what I mean? So happen that my lecturer went to the ladies too. Anyway, she was so kind to let my group to be the 3rd to present the 2nd presentation so that I can go to the nearest Nokia service centre asap.

She is so concern about my handphone eh? Hm.... When she was talking to me, I was wondering this to myself, "am I looking at a woman or a man?" She is so damn looking like a man. Hahaha. Well, she is weird but I have to admit she is quite a nice teacher. Errr... but she is just too strange in her behavior =/ Alright, y poor phone has to go for an operation tomorrow. All the best to my handphone. Maybe I should start to think of a name for my handphone. Haha!

Oh another IMPORTANT THING! I did not save all the numbers in my SIM card although I did but I didn't!! So if you saw this blog, kindly please send me a SMS and say, "Hey, you stupid, this is whatever your name is." OK? LOL

I will be going all the way to Suntec City to repair my handphone. Maybe I will look for Nickelback & The Darkness new CD. I don't even know if both CDs are out yet but I have already heard their new songs. I have heard 2 songs from Nickelback's new CD and almost all or all the songs in The Darkness new CD. LOL. Nothing dark about The Darkness's songs. I swear. Haha!

Hmmm....I have not been in a good state of health lately. Few weeks ago, I am terribly sick. Last week, my gum is killing me. Today, I think I got a little flu and er... a little cough. I think I better find some Feng Shui master to check my house's Feng Shui. LOL. Just kidding. I don't believe in all these UNLESS it is logical.

Lastly, I write something stupid for my Monsters here. I am not very artistic so not expect anything. Haha!

Nothing else.

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