Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stress is can be good

Few days ago, my company had a mini calendar competition that lasted for 8 days. Personally, I feel sucky because the design in my group technically is NOT a designer but an artiste. He is good in drawing but he is not those graphic design. I was damn stress up seriously but no one knows it. When the result is out, the winner goes to team 1. Immediately, after that my bosses came up with ANOTHER competition... Its the night that I can't sleep... blah blah. Its all because of this stupid calendar, I dont have enough time for myself. I spend my weekend doing it. So I went to tell my boss that I spent the weekend doing the calendar. I told her I'm tired of competition, can I just don't participate.  I nearly tear because I told her that its like a shame and embarrassment... The other 2 groups got a proper designers to do a nice job. Our group.... So frustrated at times that I dont know how to describe! But she did mentioned she actually like the design, which I don't even know if its real. The other one mentioned that he actually like the theme. Oh well... Anyway, whatever. It's over!

After that I gotta go for a meeting which I actually messed up the schedule. Lol! Lucky for me, the mess up is a blessing in disguise! =D I went with AZ for the meeting as I feel more comfortable working with him. Plus, I was really having a terrible headache after a lack of sleep from the night before, I need a DRIVER! WAHAHA!. The meeting was awesome! I got a confirmation from them immediately the next day! *throw confetti* While Im happy for myself, Im happy for AZ as well because finally theres 1 client, who actually acknowledge his name in the email. Lol! Normally, if I went out meeting with him, clients tend to left his name out like his is nothing. *clap clap* 

My lady boss actually asked me to go home and rest after the meeting but instead I went to PS to have my lunch with AZ at 4pm plus. T_T Feel like dying actually and the food was served at 5pm. I didnt eat much as I vomited before that. Grrr! Anyway, saw a Mickey mouse & Minnie mouse bed sheet and immediately I was like YAY! I shall buy it for my future double bed. But guess what? I didn't see carefully... I actually bought a QUILT COVER and 2 pillow case. *sigh* What a waste of money!!!!!!! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life is never perfect

I saw a comment left by my dear friend and I feel her words are half true. She's right that my bosses are good but I got that through hard work. That also means working super extra hard than the others in order to achieve that. The hard work, OT and working till wee hours are something people don't see.However, my basic is only $20xx and if I never hit my sales target, my salary is lower than you. Haha! =p Sometimes I really don't know if its worth to work so hard for them. Sometimes I do get pissed at my male boss as well. Sometimes he is good but sometimes he is an axx.  Also, I gotta agree that, at the end of the day, if the client appreciate my effort, the sense of satisfaction is great. However, the true hard fact is that only 10% of the client really appreciate what I have done. Anyway, its a NO PAIN NO GAIN game at work!

No guy is 100%  great, we gotta shape them up! WAHAHA! Don't have to envy me, your life can be good as well. To you especially, stop going for FUN and non-committed guys.They are a total waste of time and money! You will never know a normal sincere guy can turn out to be someone who is fun as well. =p

Anyway, I wanted to start blogging for my wedding blog but this weekend I have my time wasted doing my company calendar and WORST of all..... My wedding album layout. I finally get past the stage of asking the editor to edit this and that... NOW....... It's the layout time! I really got a shock at how lousy and awful that some of the layout are. I edited only 1/4 of it and decided I should just throw it back to them and ask them to look at my sample and re-edit. Seriously wtf! The photographer and service are good. The photos taken are really nice but their editor is really shit especially when it comes to the layout. *sigh* So much of my time wasted.

Things im gonna do tomorrow:
1) Go for my cousin's shower
2) Continue to edit the calendar
3) Send email to bluebay TW about the layout

Wow... What a "nice" sunday to look forward to. I dont even have the time to go for a run anymore.

Yesterday, my colleague was playing some old 90s techno and it get me and J so hype up and start playing other 90s techno. Then from techno to boyband pop. SO FUN! *sigh* I miss the 90s seriously.

Can we just go back to 90s?

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