Friday, May 20, 2011

How I spend 'Grow & Share' package money

I always wanted to post this but currently I am having my exam so I am 'really busy' studying. HAHA! Okay, so after much procrastination, I finally gonna blog about this. If you are a Singaporean, I bet you would have already received your  'Grow & Share' package on 1st May (or earlier) or worst YOU HAVE ALREADY FINISHED SPENDING EVERY SINGLE CENT! LOL! Well, I am not an expert in telling people how to manage their wealth but here is how I spent my money wisely...

1) Treat my parent at Dian Xiao Er to celebrate Mother's Day.

Who wont be happy when the food they gonna eat are free! Haha! 

Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herb. My favourite dish! I love the crispy skin =D

Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish Slices.

Dong Po Pork
Chinese Spinach Superior Stock

Braised Assorted Mushroom w/ Broccoli

I spent about $120 for 4 pax. It is rather expensive because it is mother's day! All restaurant has mark up their price but it is still worth it because firstly, the money is given by our government, secondly, I make my parent happy =D Lastly, I get to eat also what! So this is money spent is definitely very wise! Lol!

Verdict: A cheeky win-win situation!

2) I bought  a new bag for myself to use when I start work in June! 

I bought a striking hot pink bag from PrettyFit. 

This bag cost me around $60+. This is actually the first time I spend more than $30 on a bag! Haha! I always change my bags so I don't find it necessary to spend so much money on a bag. Well, I still think it's worth it because...the money is given by our government and I LOVE THE COLOUR OF THIS BAG!

Verdict:  Another happy win-win situation! 

3) I bought additional accessories for my camera!

Adaptor Tube + Lens Cap + Lens Hood + UV filter For 52m Panasonic DMC-LX3

This is how my overall camera look like =D Although it is a semi-pro camera but now it does look a little like DSLR. 
I bought the additional accessories from ebay and it only cost me £9.47 which is about $20+ in SGD. Cheap cheap! Even if it is not as useful as wide angle lens BUT it definitely beautify my camera. =p

Verdict: Happy like-a-boss because it is a cheap buy! 

I still left with few hundreds which I didn't spend it at all because I have decided to keep it for rainy days :) I have just shared with you how I spent my money. How about you? Anyway, it doesn't matter how you spend it, the real question is... "Have you spend it wisely?"

By the way, please take note that even though I keep saying "the money is given by our government " that doesn't mean the money is really from our government! If you still don't know, the money actually comes from the tax payers o_o So don't be so happy whenever you recieved this sum of money before the election =p

Friday, May 6, 2011

GE 2011 - Workers' Party last rally @ Serangoon Stadium

Although I am not under Aljunied GRC or Hougang SMC, I went for Workers' Party rally last night to feel the atmosphere and also, to hear their candidates' speech. Probably the best touching moment was when Pritam Sign leads everyone to say the Singapore National Pledge. I finally understand what people said that when they attend Workers' Party rally, they feel the Singapore's spirit again! This is what I call, CONNECT with the citizens. 

Around 5pm, there were already some people waiting patiently for the rally to start. 

1 cute uncle walking around with his DIY workers' party flag.

May the 'hammer' be with you.

Auntie and uncle preparing for a battle...

They wave the Workers' party flag proudly. 

It has been a very long time that I have not seen people doing something that they are really proud of.

More creative people coming up with their own flag deisgn. Haha.

The new hammer flag! 

The crowd went wild when the party's candidates went on stage. The atmosphere was even better than attending a Justin Bieber's concert. LOL.

'Vote WP'! The most creative item I have seen so far. This is what I call, PASSION.  

The amazing crowd. 

At the back of the stadium. I don't have a good camera to capture the whole view. 

It reads, 'Singaporean got guts, people of Aljunied got even more guts!" 

A closer view.

It reads, "Ministers earning millions, the amount that they can't even finish spending in 5 years. Citizens can only choose to work very hard. Hold a hammer and fight it out with them (the ministers)" Sorry for my bad translation. Haha! 

I am not ungrateful to my government and I appreciate what they have done to bring us thus far. I thanks them for all their hardwork to make Singapore such a nice place to live in in the past. However, I can't say the same for the current batch of ministers. I don't wish to say much as I believe everyone has already decided who to vote for on the 7th May. 


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