Thursday, July 29, 2004

Things are just ironic

This morning when I saw him, I suddenly remembered what he wrote on his blog. Somehow, something urged me to ask him is he ok. Haha! But before I could open my mouth, he suddenly said, "CD!! CD!!" Haha! Then I just grin at him. Hehe! Sometimes, human can be so ironic. I used to see him as humorous and yet a nasty person. He's someone who can joke and also someone who is very sarcastic. He don't seem like to be someone who have problems. Hm... Really can't judge things by the appearance. All the best to him.

Does love really makes people go 'blind'? Is boyfriend greater than your friends? Or it's just the power of love? I don't know and I shouldn't have bother too much. I have done my part as your friend. I don't know what you're thinking and I don't wish to say too much. Am I over sensitive or it's just a true fact and it can't be deny. Again, I don't know. Maybe there's no such things as TURE FRIEND? Or again, I think too much. Maybe she doesn't want to lose this one and wanted to treat him better. Maybe. Period.

Blah... I recorded Canna's singing on my phone. he sound so awesome! He has a deep voice and he sound so man!! Woo! He look extremely cute when he's singing. He kept smiling while he was singing. I think he has the best voice among those Inter's players. Hehe! Maybe he can be a singer one day. Lol! Pazz Inter Amala! It's just the song. I don't like Inter. Haha!

Our class got scolding from our principle, Ms Chamb. I was like WTF? Isn't it all because of all those guys faults? Ok, I mean those who played. Also, Mr Tang, YOU'RE A LIAR! I LOST MY RESPECT FOR YOU. YOU JUST SUCK. You told us to do our own stuffs, you'll only start teaching after we get back our Chinese O level result. What happen in the end? Yes, those students are wrong to play games in the class, fine if you told Ms Chamb to come. But you lied! You lied! You lied to Ms Chamb!!!! Instead of saying those things that you told us, you said something else. You're a bad teacher! I used to pity you. For now, maybe I shouldn't anymore.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A much better day...

I was supposed to wake up at 4am to practice my math but when the alarm rang, I decided to went back to sleep and wake up at 5am. When the alarm rang at 5am, I decided to wake up at 6am. Lol! Ain't I funny? Haha! When the alarm rang at 6am, I told myself, "Oh! My! Math test today. Maybe I shouldn't go to school!" Hehe! But I still manage to wake myself up. Hehe!

After flag rising, I found out that Minyi didn't come to school! I thought she's late but she wasn't! Well, she choose to be absent on Wednesday, just like me last week, I absent myself from school last Wednesday. Haha! I guess she needs a break too. When everything seem like going wrong for you, it's good to take a break. Well, at least for some people, it does help. Minyi seem like to be blame for many things, maybe she's too dumb, that's why. I don't exactly why. It's hard to understand others' problems so don't try to.

Luckily, I came to school, or else Ling Hui will be bored to hell. Hehe! Hm... I don't absent myself unnecessarily. During Geo, Jasper, Jiesi, Val & Shir was eating?! Yes! They're eating bread with tuna! What a joke right? It's not the first time anyway. I think Mr Taib caught Jasper eating... Not sure why, after that Jasper was like very furious. He blasted at Shir for not telling him that Mr Taib was looking at him or whatever. I don't dare to anyhow write here because I'm not sure myself. Maybe my ears was playing tricks with me but I'm sure that he make Shir cried and he also quarreled with Val.

If it's so, I think Jasper is really... Petty? Maybe. He's always so hot temper. Or all Chuas are like that? Haha! Jiesi who is also Chua, he's also someone who can be really fierce and scary. The same goes for me. I'm Chua too! Not much logic here. Haha!

I was practicing my math during POA lesson. One thing to note, Minyi, I don't miss you at all! However, I still pity you a lot. That is also why I never really blasted at her or really criticize right in her face. I think others' have criticize and scold her enough. Even though she's a bit sarcastic to me sometime I still don't care much because I know I'm much better off than her.

During LV lesson, Mr Fuad was talking about what's the latest trends among the teenagers. Beth raised up the wearing of hipster. Although it's quite interesting to listen, still nothing much to comment. I don't wear that. Even if the person is daring enough to wear but she doesn't has the figure, I will beg her, PLEASE don't wear it! Esp, if you're fat! That's worse!

There's weekly Social Studies test today. No sweat. Just a simple question. There's also Math test today as I have already mentioned. I think I'm gonna failed again! No hope. The paper is tough. I can manage both Vectors & Probability but it doesn't guarantee that I can get it right. :( It's a doom for Transformation! I suck at this man! So sad! I can't pass again...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Get well soon

Christian was injured! Canna papa is sure very anxious about it. So poor thing. Here's the news:


MALPENSA - After having lunch at Angelo Moratti Sports Centre and after arriving at Milan's Malpensa airport just after two o'clock this afternoon, Fabio Cannavaro received a telephone call when the Inter players were boarding their plane for Japan. From his expression it was immediately apparent that something serious had happened. The defender was informed that an accident had happened to one of his sons, currently on holiday with his mother who is pregnant with the Cannavaro family's third child. The boy has suffered a deep cut to a toe and after receiving medical assistance at the accident & emergency services in Ischia will need to remain in hospital.

Informed about what happened, Massimo Moratti (present at the airport for the team's departure) and the Saitama City Cup organisers have understood the serious and sudden situation. Cannavaro has asked to be exempted from the Japan trip and has been given permission to join his son in Naples. Deeply shocked, the defender has said he is sorry he cannot be in Saitama with his Inter teammates and immediately made contact with Nerazzurri chief of medical staff Franco Combi to organise appropriate examinations

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I want to buy a domain!

Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain! Domain!

I want it so much! Frankly Angel-Eyez.Org SUCK SO MUCH! So I make the font colour for that words the same as my background. So you won't know what did I write. Hm... Didn't blog on 23rd July, so here's what happen on that day...

23th July
Lionel is such a nice and awesome gentleman. Hehe! He always act like as if he's a real pervert but he is actually quite a nice person. Those smses he send touch my heart! Lol! Not really. I think it's just nice of him to say that. He gave me the Fahrenheit 911 CD rom today and he gave it to me for free! Well, just wanna thanks for for whatever he has said and done. *wink*

I went to War War site yesterday and saw she actually auctioned her stuffs! What's more? I saw her pink Roxy bag is for sales! No wonder I don't see her using that bag anymore. She also sell her Reader Digest!! That's ridiculous! Haha! Because that's suppose to be our reader for our so-called English Reading Program. One word for her, BEST!

I feel like auctioning my stuffs too! Like one of my black jeans which I didn't even wear before!! I bought the wrong size so...Also, another blue deuter bag. I only used it for like 1 week and after that I didn't use it anymore because I hate that bag. Lol! Hmm... There's also some clothes that I only wore for once or twice...Opps! I feel like I really wasted my parent $$ on something that I didn't like.

Cross country! Among 500 over students running, I'm no.40 to finish the run which was quite a good achievement. Haha! I'm a short distance runner not a long distance! haha! So it's definitly a good achievement. Hui Ting just need to run 3 secs faster in order to finish the run in 35 min. Isn't it a pity?

24th July
English common test! I saw Minyi this morning. Well she stick around with me because no one was talking to her. Well, I didn't talk to her much. There's nothing much for use to talk about anyway. When she saw her friend(s), she just flew away. I must WIN HER FOR THIS ENGLISH TEST! I don't know if I have done well for this test or not. I just pray for the best. If I failed or what...I might as well go and die.Maybe just half dead for that day.

I reformatted my computer today...AGAIN! What's new man!?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

I am late... for a good reason

Nothing much for school. I purposely late for school today. Just wanna try new things. I reached school at 8am! It's great to be late! Haha! There's no one try to push you around in the bus and I don't have to go for flag rising. Frankly, flag rising suck! Opps! Minyi and co. asked me why am I late.. So i'm being lame again, saying that Totti wanted me to stay with him for a little while more. Haha! This morning just doesn't want to tell them the truth because the actual answer is lame too. Sometimes, things just need to change. I guess everything is soooo much better today. Suddenly think of this song...God put a smile on my face...Hehe I feel that now ;)

Able to talk is a fortunate thing, so please talk more!

Time to get back to normal. Old stuffs and stupid things should be thrown behind. Ha! Ha!

Live your life as if you gonna die tomorrow! Haha! Miss Fahizah told us that. She said that in this way, you'll be treasuring every min and sec in doing your work. Well, I don't think so. If I'm going to die tomorrow, I'll just sleep in the bed and for tomorrow to "visit" me. Haha! Jk!

Hm... Didn't brought History textbook, I brought the wrong one so have to sit outside AVA room. Well, I think that's better. Lol! We're like chatting away outsite. Hehe! After that Lionel show us the video about the US & Iraq... It's rather interesting and I'm always interested in such things. I always watched the news and read the newspaper about this and of cos about other news. I make sure I'm not a 'square-head'. Haha! I msg him and "ordered" the Cd-rom from him. Ha! Don't know how much he wanna charge me.

Yesterday is a perfect day break for me. Or else today I might feel so good. I feel a bit guilty. I shouldn't have pile on extra burden for her. I'm so dumb. Hm... That's why I it time to get back to normal. She already so much things to trouble about and yet I still add more fuel to it. Well, I shouldn't have think so much. Everything should be fine now.

Finally, the dark clouds have passed.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Top news! Not really...Haha!

Didn't go to school today so I stay up late last night. I went round the net to surf. Hehe! Here's some top soccer's news!

  • Shevchenko said that he has wed his girlfriend, Kristin on 14th July! He really know how to keep a secret.
  • Yes, I hate that Capello went to Juve but what makes me laugh was that THEY ACTUALLY SOLD DI VAIO TO VALENCIA! They sold him at a loss. They gain no profit for selling him and they lost a good striker. So Juve is going to depend on Trezeguet or Del Piero to score? My toes are laughing. Also, Miccoli is not good enough. Capello said that winning the CL is their next season aim. I guess they might even find it hard to get the top 3 in Serie A! Yesterday, I just saw the photo of Di Vaio wearing the new Juve jersey and today.... Haha! I think they have to re-take those photos again.
  • Juve still can't get Emerson! Haha! All my fingers are giggling!
  • Mexes finally signed the contract with Roma!! Yeah!
  • Chelsea bought Drogba... Haha! I think he'll be another flop, just like other big stars Chelsea had signed.

    Roma 4 - 0 Juve

    Just enjoy looking at this animation. Hehe! "Shnn...It's 4-0! Juve go home!" Haha! Seem rather proud but I like it. Hopefully they can repeat this scoreline for the next seaon. Haha! With Totti and Cassano leading the attack,what can go wrong? What's more there's Mexes now! Who's Emerson, Capello, Samuel & Zebina?

    Roma biggest rival is not Juve nor Lazio. It should be AC Milan! Milan is the only club that Roma didn't manage to beat them for even once! Hm... I really can't complaint much. I like Milan too. So that's the problem for liking both clubs at the same time. Hehe!

    I feel so good! Not going to school is a good thing. I'm tired and I know everyone else is, not only me. But I can do this, not others.

  • Monday, July 19, 2004

    Ran out of petrol...

    I'm so tired! I'm suppose to wake up at 3:30am to watch Uruguay V Paraguay and also to complete my homework. Hehe! In the end, my alarm clock didn't ring and I woke up at 6:25am!! That's the time I should be going out of the house but I'm still at home! Looking at the time I decided to go out at 6:50am. Hehe! I took a taxis to school. That's faster and I won't be late for school. Hehe! MRT and bus are too slow. Hehe!

    When I was at the school gallery, I saw many of my classmates was reading their social studies textbook. I was there wondering why. After that, I then realized that there's a Social Studies test today!! Also, I realized that I didn't bring my Social Studies textbook to school so I have to borrow it from Qian Ru. Argh! Anyway, this MYE, I study Social Studies like hell so I manage to remember most of the important points. Just have to wait for the result now.

    I wanted to go and sleep the moment I reached home but I wanted to watch the encore of today's match. Hehe! In the end I only watched half of it because I was stuck to the monitor screen. Hehe! Nah! I was actually looking at lots and lots of Roma's photos at the forum. They're so awesome!

    Saturday, July 17, 2004

    Outing with SPY & Xiao Gang

    [EDIT] Pei Yun said Xiao Gang cute because he used the phone when the train was in underground. That's the time the reception in the lowest. Hehe! How stupid is he?! Lol! [/EDIT]

    I went out with Pei Yun and Xiao Gang today! Get to know and see lots of things. I thought it'll be quite boring and I'll be the brightest light bulb there but things don't seem to be in that way. Haha! As usual, Pei Yun will always be late. We actually meet at 2pm but in the end we meet at 3pm. Haha! Lucky I was smart to go out late. I already know her too well. Haha! We went to Tiong Bahru to eat KFC. Pei Yun said that she had not been eating KFC for a very long time so she 'die die' also want to go. Hmm... Xiao Gang knew about this but I don't know!! Haha! Pei Yun insisted that she told me before. Well, I don't think so. Hehe!

    At the MRT train, I think I talked a lot of crappy things again. I can't remember what I said. I only remembered that I told Xiao Gang that Pei Yun said him CUTE! Haha! Actually she said it because of something. I can't remember. Lol! Hmmm... Trying to refresh my memory. Er... Xiao Gang said he wanted to copy and paste my blog to his blog!! So it's like I have to think for him what's happening. He's so cheapskate! Haha!

    At KFC... Pei Yun treat him. Whatever Pei Yun wanted to eat he wanted the same too. Hehe! Also, I took his photo! Ha! Can send to Pei Yun handphone on Monday. Hehe! Blah... Xiao Gang went to gents and when he's back he suddenly touch Pei Yun's hand. I was...DUH! Hehe! Then Pei Yun said Xiao Gang only wanted to let her know that his cold was cold. Well, I don't think that way. Hehe!

    We went to Great World after that. Hm... I have free dinner there! Haha! I saved my money! Hehe! Hm...After that I got hold of Pei Yun's handphone because Leng Keong called her and she's too busy to listen so she handed her phone to me. Hehe! I found out that she has a special folder in her inbox! That folder is specially for all Xiao Gang's messages! Hehe! She still said that she don't like him or whatever so. She's a bad liar! Haha!

    At about 7 plus I went home with Xiao Gang. We have a long conversation. Hehe! Get to know about so many things!! Hm... His longest girlfriend only lasted for 2 months. Duh! So poor thing! But I can assure him, if he can get Pei Yun, they can last even longer than that. Who knows, maybe forever. Hehe! Also, because of him I go home late!! Argh! He purposely missed 2 buses and lend me his EZ-link when the EZ-link don't even have any value anymore! Argh! Haha! But I think it's ok because I have a longer chat section with him. That's why I can know so much! Wee! I'm not to last to know anymore!

    Friday, July 16, 2004

    No time to slack...

    [EDIT] So happy! Just know that tomorrow Chem self study is not compulsory! [/EDIT]

    I have been slacking these few days but I least I did some of my homework. Lol! I complete 1/4 of the mind map for Chem yesterday. I wanted to bring it to class and let Minyi or Ling Hui to continue but in the end I didn't. Haha! Never mind. I have to complete it by today. I think so because we'll have self study for Chemistry tomorrow! LAME! I hate it. Well, never mind. I guess it's good for us.

    Well, everything the teachers do for us, is GOOD for us! Ok, I'm bull-shitting here. Hm... Don't know if I can complete it later. So tired. I got lousy marks for my math, well, expected. Only for 1 question, the answer is 95 but I'm so silly that I went to write 7 there!! I'm insane! Some of the questions are really easy, it's just that I couldn't remember how to do it. Hehe! I can't slack anymore! Buck up!! I failed my bio test by 4 marks! Why? Because I didn't study or else I might have already pass! Never mind. I have only myself to blame.

    So sick and tired. I hope 2004 will end faster.

    I'm tired for almost everyday. I guess I have problems. Hehe! Sick in the head or what, I don't know. I only know that I will have numerous dreams every night that prevent me from sleeping more. Ironically, I can remember what I dreamed last night because I usually don't. Those dreams I have is so relate to today event and yesterday event. Weird? I find it weird. Hehe! Yesterday, I dreamed that after school, I went to some Theme Park with my friends and forgot to buy food home for my mother. Hehe! I find this dream so real because indeed my mother asked me to buy food for her today. This dream makes me remember what she told me to do.

    Must really thanks Xiao Gang! Haha! Because of the blog I told him to create, I know so many things now! Maybe it's more than Hui Ting! Hehe! I think tomorrow gathering is cancel! If not, Xiao Gang & Pei Yun can go and enjoy themselves! Hehe!

    Aleka came online and told me she's looking for Totti's photos, the one with him kissing his ring. She wanted it for her layout. I was trying so hard to find it for her because I lost most of his photos when I reformatted my stupid computer. Fortunately, I found those photos! Hehe! Because of her, I found back more of the others photos that I have lost and I also found new photos. *wink* I just love those photos that he took with Cassano. They're so sweeeeet. They're like little gay couple to me. Haha! Jk! I also found some of his old photos. I think he looks better now. Hehe!

    It's Jiamin's bday today. Hehe! Actually, I don't really know her. Hehe! Only get to know her through Ling Hui. She said she wanted a present, so i told her that I'm wrapping her a present. Hehe!

    Actully, she already "make her bday wish" 3 days ago. Lol! She wanted that Ruud's photos (w/o his shirt on) Haha! I purposely doesn't want to send her that pic because I don't see every site have that photo. Too bad I sent her the photo today. Hehe! Guess what? I edit the photo, I resize the pic, add border and wrote some words there before sending it to her. Haha! I just want to make sure she won't get the original 1. Haha! Am I bad? Haha!

    Thursday, July 15, 2004

    I saw Toro!!

    This is the proof! Haha! I saw Toro at Jurong Point! Haha! Not really a fan of him but he look awesome. Hehe! He, Fiona & Xiao Qiao was there to shoot a new drama series call, "Tian Ya Ren Wo Xing". Hehe! I meet my sis at Jurong Point because she wanted to buy new clothes. When I met her, she told me there's people shooting show. So I just went there and see. I was like, wow! It's Toro & Fiona. Hehe! I was there happily taking their photos using my phone. I follow them for about half an hour then my back was aching because I was carrying my bag (After school)! Haha! Went home after that.

    I have not do the mind mapping thing for Chemistry!! Maybe I'll do it later. *yawn* Gonna fall alseep soon...

    Wednesday, July 14, 2004

    I don't need a free ride to school

    Hm...can't really remember what things happen today. I only know that I'm totally exhausted today! Argh! Walk home with Jasper today. Rather funny! Haha! Maybe, this never happen before.

    Well, when I was at Clementi MRT station I heard someone called me but I refused to believe it until the 3rd time I turned and look, it's Jasper. Hehe! I don't mean to let him call me so many times. We missed 2 trains because both trains was sooo crowded.

    I have some light conversation with him. Hm... He's quite a funny guy. He asked me if I want a lift to school in the morning. I was like... WHAT? Haha! I didn't say yes. Well, just awkward.


    I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.
    Whatever I see, I swallow immediately.
    Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike
    I am not cruel, only truthful –
    The eye of a little god, four-cornered.
    Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall.
    It is pink, with speckles. I have looked at it so long
    I think it is a part of my heart. But it flickers.
    Faces and darkness separate us over and over.

    Now I am a lake. A woman bends over me.
    Searching my reaches for what she really is.
    Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon.
    I see her back, and reflect it faithfully
    She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands.
    I am important to her. She comes and goes.
    Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness.
    In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman
    Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.


    "Mirror," written by Sylvia Plath in the mid-twentieth century, is a powerful poem that reveals the internal and external problems a woman faces.

    The narrator of the poem is a mirror. In the first nine lines, the mirror describes itself and what it does. In the second half of the poem, the mirror is still talking, but now it is comparing itself to a lake. The woman in the poem peers into the "lake," searching for what she really is. But the mirror just does its job and reflects her image back to her. The woman rewards it "with tears and an agitation of hands." She comes and goes each morning. She grows a day older every time she looks in the mirror. In the lake, she has "drowned" a young girl, meaning that she has become a woman. Now "an old woman rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish." Now she is old, and her reflection is like a terrible fish.

    Our society is focused on looks. Overall, intelligence has become more important than appearance when it comes to hiring people, but prejudice is still a major problem for people who are obese, deformed, or "weird-looking". Until very recently, a woman's worth was based almost entirely on her looks. The woman in this poem, unlike Jane Eyre and Jo, who were ordinary-looking, but active and independent women, listened to society. She cried because she was frustrated with her appearance.
    The "agitation of hands" referred to her efforts to hide the blemishes on her face with make-up.

    Our society also has the misconception that as a person ages, he/she becomes uglier. The woman was also unhappy with her image because she saw herself getting older and older. One might also interpret the "agitation of hands" as her efforts to smooth out the wrinkles on her face. The mirror also saw the woman grow older with every passing day. When she was finally at an old age, the mirror compared her reflection to a "terrible fish."

    Barbie Doll

    by Marge Piercy

    This girlchild was born as usual
    and presented dolls that did pee-pee
    and miniature GE ovens and irons
    and wee lipsticks the color of cherry candy.
    Then in the magic of puberty, a classmate said
    You have a great big nose and fat legs.

    She was healthy, tested intellegent,
    posessed strong arms and back,
    abundant sexual drive and manual dexterity.
    She went to and fro apologizing.
    Everyone saw a fat nose and thick legs.

    She was advised to play coy,
    exhorted to come on hearty,
    exercise, diet, smile, and wheedle.
    Her good nature wore out like a fan belt.
    So she cut off her nose and legs
    and offered them up.

    In the casket displayed on satin she lay
    with the undertaker's cosmetics painted on,
    a turned-up putty nose,
    dressed in a pink and white nightie.
    Doesn't she look pretty? everyone said.
    Consumation at last.
    To every woman a happy ending.


    “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy is an interesting poem that discusses a girl’s perception of herself influenced by societal images. The poem is easy for any woman, especially a woman who is or ever has been overweight, to understand.

    The poem tells about an ordinary girl being born in the usual way who was healthy and intelligent. As she grew to maturity, a classmate told her “You have a great big nose and fat legs” which sets the tone of the poem. From that point on, the girl “went to and fro apologizing” for her looks while being advised to diet, exercise, and smile. Finally, the girl lost it and “cut off her nose and her legs and offered them up”. The next section of the poem discusses how the undertaker had fixed her up to look “pretty”. The final lines of the poem say, “Consummation at last. To every woman a happy ending.”

    I think Piercy wanted to express the emotions of a woman who cannot compete with the image society places on women. Females are judged on their beauty rather than intelligence or strength. I think the poem ended the way it did because Piercy wanted to drive the point further by provoking the thought that the images of perfection killed the girl’s spirit, and that if the stereotype continues, all women will have the same “pretty”, but tragic ending.

    Women often lose sight of themselves and their spirits while searching for outward beauty.

    Tuesday, July 13, 2004

    Make love or Chemistry practical?

    I was LMAO when Hui Xin said that doing sex is much more easier than doing Chem practical. She's such a good joker. Haha! Anyway, we really have a hard time for today Chem lesson. Mrs Tan was fuming because of some people who did the experiment wrongly. Well, not me. Ha! Ha! She was so fierce today. But I think it's good for us. Haha! That's the way to learn and get better. I guess I have been improving. Hehe! When I was heating the liquid, Mrs Tan suddenly called me. I looked at her then I didn't realise the water was already boiling, the water spilled out and I scald my 3 fingers, to be exact. Lol! I thought she wanted to scold me, in the end she praised me for doing the right way for heating the liquid. Damn! I rather she don't praise me or whatever. Haha! Hm... But it's always good for someone like her to praise me. Haha! Well, she still call me Register no. 1!

    Do you know? Chris didn't talk a single word to me today! That's unusual, you know. Haha! I guess he's too shy. Lol! All because of Minyi's fault! Hahaha! That's just a so-called prank anyone. He's like totally didn't dare to face me today. Haha! And this morning, when Minyi greeted him, he did the same but as for me, he turned away. Haha! My reputation was once again being ruin. Hahaha! Now, he's like scare about me for nothing. Things should be better tomorrow. Haha!

    Just apply for Paolo Maldini & V.Nistelrooy fanlisting! Hopefully I can get it. Hehe! I did apply for Maldini the previous one but someone get it before me. :( However, it's too long on upcoming and it's removed! So it's time for me to grab it. Lol! I also applied for Cassano a few days ago. Hahaha! Hope I don't sound greedy but at least I know I can do it! Haha!

    Oh ya! Just remmeber, after eating for recess, I walked past the notice board area and guess what... At Pegasus notice board there... The person in charge (i think so) pasted V.Nistelrooy photo there! I was like -_-||| But... at least it's better than nothing. Other houses' notice board was so boring. Hehe!

    Argentina V Uraguay: Hehe! Nothing much. I think I'd prefer Uraguay to win b'cos of Forlan! Haha

    Wondering what's Totti is looking at?! Haha!

    Friday, July 9, 2004

    Utterly disappointed!

    I so angry with myself. I have my O level Chinese exam today. The passage was so easy but I was too nervous that I stumbled upon reading a few words. I even read wrongly for some damn stupid easy word. I even said sorry to the invigilators when I read wrongly. Am I dumb or what? My hand was like shaking like hell the moment I read wrongly. I could see the paper was shaking with me (cos I was holding it). *sigh* Then I put down the paper down and my left hold onto my right to stop myself. I suck! When come to the conversation part... I was rather speechless because the question was so RETARDED! They ask that according to the news article lots of students from China prefer to go Singapore's Polytechnic instead of Junior College. What's your view? I was likeWTF? WHY DON'T YOU ASK ANYTHING ABOUT SINGAPOREAN? CAN ASK SOMETHING ELSE? WTF THIS STUDENTS FROM CHINA GOTTA DO WITH ME? *no offence to the students from China* I was sooo.... I just anyhow answer some craps hopefully it works. Well, at least I speak up. Mr Lee said before, it's better than you talk rubbish than you didn't say anything. I guess he's right. *sigh* After I have done my oral, I SMSed Hui Xin, Chia Shen, Weimin, Ling Hui, Jie Si & Minyi, how's their oral. Here's their answer...

    Jiesi: haha.. very hard la...(blah..)not very hard bt lata nt tt good.. sigh.. conversation still ok bt nt easy..
    Hui Xin: oh god! It's so damn nerve wreckin!
    *you know what? Hui Xin said that the invigilators were giggling after I left!!! :(*
    Minyi: Ya...fine
    Ling Hui: Ok lar
    Chia Shen: Ok lar
    Weimin: Not so...

    *sigh* I think I'm not going to get an A for Chinese! Argh! So disappointed. I think I never gave my fullest potential. What for do so well for MYE for never did so well for O level. Dammit!

    ...somewhat of a perfectionist, yet the results of my efforts often fall short of my high expectations...

    Wednesday, July 7, 2004

    Unrequited love

    Ok nothing about the title. This suppose to be the title that Ling Hui thinks for the fiction story that we're going to write but I think it's awful. Don't you think so? Lol! I'm still working on the story. Hopefully, it'll be done soon. While typing the story I do a silly animation gif...Lol!

    Anyway, Xiao Gang seem to like Pei Yun more and more but Pei Yun refuse to show her love for him. Hm... I hope they can be together one day. I give my formost blessing to them ;) Never see such devoted man before. Haha! I told Xiao Gang to do something for her. Hehe! Shnn...This will be a secret between me and him. Lol!

    Can't remember what happen in school. I only know that I'm keep writing the story non-stop. Lol! Hm... It's quite amazed that I'm not tired during the Chem practical. I thought I am but the moment the practical started... I am not! Hehe! Mrs Tan praise me! Lol! Because I did the right way to test for carbon dioxide! Hahaha!

    Tuesday, July 6, 2004

    Near Queen

    Hahahaha... I was puzzled when Maureen said 'Near Queen' to me. She wanted me to guess what does it mean. I couldn't get it. After that Pei Yun asked me to read the opposite. Then I realised! Opposite of 'Near Queen' is 'Far King'. Try to read 'Far King' a few times and you will get it. Lol! I think it's interesting, don't you think so.

    Today Chinese lesson was awesome. Lol! It's Claire Chia show again. She was so damn too funny. I guess Ling Hui will blog what she has done. Hmm... Maybe I can just copy and paste from her blog. Lol! Too lazy to write anything about that Creepy Claire Chia!

    Although, he did something wrong. I still wants to declare loudly that Totti is forever my 'Idol Lao Gong'! Indeed he did something wrong, an awful sin that tarnish his reputation and also cause a damage in the Italy squad but the main things was he wanted to repent and willing to change. He felt sorry and regreted what he have done. In the news report...

    "Un maglia del Capitano con su scritto 'Santa Madonna del Divino Amore, ti chiedo di perdonarmi e di non lasciarmi mai' verrà deposta ai piedi della Madonna del Santuario del Divino Amore che si trova a sud della capitale.

    Il giocatore ha dimostrato, ancora una volta, di essere profondamente pentito per lo sputo lanciato a Christian Poulsen durante la gara d'esordio della Nazionale contro la Danimarca. Totti ha pagato con tre giornate di squalifica ma, evidentemente, ciò non basta per far sentire Francesco con la coscienza pulita. Così il campione ha cercato conforto nella preghiera."

    Something like that...

    "Totti wrote:' Saint Madonna of the Divine Love, I ask to you to pardon to me and not to leave me mai' on a piece of paper and together with his soccer boots he placed it on the feet of the Madonna of the Sanctuary of the Divine Love. The player has demonstrated, once again, of being deeply sorry for spitting at Christian Poulsen. Totti has paid with three days of disqualification but, that might not be enough for Francesco to fee clean conscience"

    I know whatever he has done might not be enough but I believe he will be more mautre after this inccident. Sometimes, we should just forgive and forget. He's unlike some France's player who spit at their coach...

    Swear to kick Ming Geng's ass, if he ever dare to poke fun at him again! I told Ling Hui that I wanted to protect my Lao Gong! Haha!

    August 18th: Italy V Iceland (Friendly)
    September 4th: Italy V Norway

    By the time, I will be busy with my exams, prelims and stuff. *sigh* O level this year!! I really must emphasis that alot alot of times!!

    Ok...the story that I'm writing is still in progress. Hehe! Shan Long know that he's one of the character in the sotry! Lol! No big deal.

    I have to go and study my Chemistry - Cation & Anion. Argh! Tired now, maybe I'll do that tomorrow. There's POA lesson tomorrow, since I have already drop the subject, I think I can study Chem during POA lesson.

    Hm... Minyi saga begin again. I'm tired of it man. Well, I'm neutral in this suitation. I won't be involved and I don't wish to so don't try to fit me in.

    Monday, July 5, 2004

    Do they really deserve to win?

    Greece won the Euro Cup. No surprise but the question is, do they really deserve it? Do they really deserve to win? Yes, because they really play very well as a team. They keep defending and make sure they frustrated the opponent until they gave up. No, because they didn't play as well as Portugal. They hardly attack them. They just keep defending for the whole game. I think the goal was a lucky one and it's somehow Ricardo's fault to allow the goal to go in. It's really upset me that teams who actually play much better and more attractive football didn't win. It's some boring-keep-defending team won the competition. Or maybe it's reality; we just have to accept it. This game is the last game for Rui Costa as he has already said he's retiring from international duty. How I wish he could win something before he left.

    Towards the end of the game, a fan (I think he's Barcelona's fan) throws a Barcelona's banner at Figo. I think he's really childish and insensible! Though it's not something that never happens before, just feel that for a great player like Figo, don't deserve to be treated this way.

    Although I'm not a Portugal fan, I feel sore for them. Did you guys see Ronaldo cried? I was like... sighing away. He so sad! He missed a few scoring chances but he can't totally to be blame. He's still a great player. Hope he can continue to shine for Man Utd. *Sigh* Well, what to do. Again, this is just a game, have to face the reality and the ball is round, anything can happen.

    Quote from some of the member's comments in my Yahoo!Group:
    "...the way they (greece) play is the best sleeping pills for so sad that czech and portugal lost to the defending-is-the-only-tactic team :("

    "...if this is the way players are going to play football in the future, always defending but no attacking and just wait for the heading chance from corner, they just
    make the game suck!"

    " matches are supposed to be interesting and's y we watch soccer matches feel the excitement and enthusiasm..not just for the outcome only."

    "...what the hell is that? all of a sudden there were 8-9 defenders in greece team while opponents trying to attack???"

    Here's mine list of the best and the worst for this Euro...

    Best Striker(s):
    Cassano - although Italy was eliminated early in the competition, I think Cassano is a great striker, he score once in both game. If only Italy can go further in the competition...I bet he can score more goals.

    Rooney - Definitely better than Owen. He always pose a danger to opposite team. England was unlucky to lose him through injury for the game against Portugal.

    Baros - What's more you can say about the top scorer for this Euro?

    V. Nistelrooy - One of the main men to help Holland to go to the semi - final.

    Best Midfielder(s):
    Nedved - Always perform his best for his country.

    Zidane - Probably the only French who play his heart out.
    Best Defender(s):
    Cannavaro & Nesta - They're the few who performed well for Italy.

    Carvalho – Did well for Portugal but just could not bring glory for them.

    Actually some Greece defender are quite good but don't really know their name. Hehe!
    Best Goal Keeper(s):
    Buffon - Still the best GK!

    Best Coach(s):
    Scolari - I'll definitely choose him over Otto because he make Portugal play attractive football, he make the right changes for the team except for using Pauleta instead of Gomes. Well no one is perfect.

    Best match ever watched for this Euro(s):
    Portugal V England - Probably the most entertaining one.

    Most outstanding player(s):
    Can't think of one yet!

    Worst Striker(s):
    Pauleta - For sure! Can't even score when he got several chances

    Vieri - one of the main reason why Italy is out! Totally off-form.

    Henry - Yes, he scored in the game against Switzerland but he should have done more than that.

    Worst Midfielder(s):
    Del Piero - Well what can I said? He's not the last time Del Piero.

    Totti - Could have done so much more but instead he do something more than just playing football.

    Beckham - Missed 2 penalty. Never contribute much to the team. What's more can be more worst than that.

    Worst Defender(s):
    Materazzi - Concede a silly penalty during the game against Bulgaria. Never like him as a player.

    Worst Goal Keeper(s):
    David James - Can't even save a single penalty for the game against Portugal. Can't save Zidane's free kick because of poor postioning.

    Stiel (Switzerland) - Make a joke of himself during the game against Croatia.

    Worst Coach(s):
    Trapattoni - Make a huge mistake by making the team more defensive by taking Cassano & Del Piero out during the game against Sweden. Should have start Gattuso and Pirlo for the first game against Denmark instead using Zanetti & Camoranesi.

    Eriksson - Should have call up better striker, like Beattie, Smith instead of Emile heskey. Even Vassel is not good enough. He was left with no choice when Rooney is injured.

    Worst match ever watched for this Euro(s):
    Italy V Bulgaria, Greece V Czech - Too heart breaking for me.

    Greece V Portugal - Rather boring and Portugal should have won!

    Most flop player(s):
    Bekcham - A player that everyone expect a lot from him but he failed to do much.

    Totti - What more can I say? My fav player is such a dud in this competition.

    Hm... Maybe there's something to cheer about. Memories Bliss won the best content award from Toxic Bliss Awards!

    I was quite surprise because I didn't even remember to ask anyone to vote me. Lol! Maybe I'm just lucky.

    Plug: Julia

    Sunday, July 4, 2004

    At the ending back to the begining again...

    Yeah! I use blogger to blog again!!! Haha! Nothing much for today. Just can't wait for tomorrow match!!! FORCA PORTUGAL! I have no favourite team to root for. Lol! So FORCA PORTUGAL! Lol!
    From the ending back to the begining again... The opening match is Greece V Portugal and the final game is the same again! It's back to squre one. If Greece win, I think they are really making history. Well, don't you think so? I really take my hat off them. It's final tonight, I think whoever score first might win. If the game play till 80mins plus, Portugal have not yet score then it'll be very dangerous because Greece always like to score in the last dying mintues. Lol! After this match, I don't know what I will be doing...No more soccer match *booo* Must wait for sometimes...Hm... Rui Costa is going to bow out after this match. This will be his last match with Portugal. *sob* All the best to him!

    Read the news...Crespo is loan to AC Milan?!?!?! I know that he's a great player but I don't wish to see him at Milan. If he join Milan, does Tomasson still have more chance to play? It's still a rumour I guess so I better don't make a fuss about it. Lol! Also, Mexes is coming to Roma! I think it's official! Is it?! Haha! If it's true. I'll be soooo happy! I like Mexes, he's a great player. What's more, Roma has already sold Samuel to Real so Roma do need Mexes!

    Maureen got her own blog! Hehe! Not forgetting to mention that I edited the blog for her. Lol! Also, Julia got a new Ronaldo's layout!! Go check her site out!! Hm... her Canna's layout didn't last very long. Haha! But I think her new layout looks even better!

    Leng Keong got himself a new handphone! Haha! I was shock when suddenly someone send me an MMS. I open the file and it's a photo of a island, it said:"It's a island for you and your Totti. From Leng Keong." I was there laughing! This is first time I find him so cute and adorable! Lol! Mostly people who got a new phone, they'll either SMS you or call you but he... Lol! He's different! Haha! Thanks Leng Keong! I hope Totti will live in the island with me. Lol!

    Can baby laugh when he is only 12 days old?

    Im kind of like cant believe it myself when I heard my baby laughing. I just fed him and he fell asleep. Shortly, he smiled and “hahaha” sof...