Monday, December 28, 2009

This is how I spend my free & easy days

I have been happily staying at home since the start of December and it's has been going to a month! I am not sure if I have done anything productive but at least I know I have been doing many things other than just slacking around and playing games.

I have been busying packing my room. You might think it's easy to pack a room but it's definitely not easy to pack my room!!! I have 2 bookshelf full of books and 1 study table with drawers to clear!

Here are some of the stuff I found while clearing and packing my junks.

Tons of Endit Blyton's books and the rest.

I sew it when I was Primary 4 (i think)! I actually cried because I couldn't finish sewing the bottom part (the leafs and water). So my auntie advice me to just sew the outline will do. My teacher actually thought this was nice and put it up for the school year end exhibition =D

My little toy cars. =)

I saw this on my old notebooks. I wrote "I want to die". Hmmm... I have no idea why I wrote that. Hehe.

Guess what? I saw my old Daniel Chan's file. Haha. I used to be a huge fan of him =P

2 of the photos from different magazines.

Well, during my free time I managed to sell off some used and unused stuff on the net and earn like $270? Wahaha! That consider alot right? But I still need more $$$!!!

Meanwhile I also have been taking up my driving lessons too. My test will be on 1st February. I'm kinda scared that I'm actually rushing through it. I still gt like 9-10 lessons to go and I think I only have time to have 2-3 more revision then it's gonna be the test date soon. I'm like already fear of 1st February 2010 when now it's still 2009. Lol! I'm just afraid I don't have enough practice. Pray hard that the tester is having a CNY mood and give me a pass! If I didn't mention anything that I pass my driving after 1st February please don't comment or sms me about it. LOL.

Also, I also got a part time job as a flyers distributor for 2 weeks (first 2 weeks of January 2010). Hehe. At least I got some income to top up for my driving fees >_< Poor me!

I'm like stuck because I don't know if I should be looking for a full time job or be like how I am now - on/off looking for some part time job to cover some of my daily expenses. I can't be working full time because I need to study! If working eat up too much of my time I will end up getting bad result or fail. I'm not a smart person so I need plenty of time to study. Hm... Talking about studies, I have been procrastinating man. I only start a slight bit of my revision. I gotta work harder and stop procrastinate!!

I also have did other stuff but well I guess those that I did not mention here, I have already mentioned in other blog entries =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

I'm in a lazy mood to update my stuff. Hehe! Anyway, went to eat at Vivo City on Christmas eve. Kinda lazy to introduce the food we ate. Lalala ~

A huge Xmas tree @ Vivo! It's damn beautiful!

We watched 2 movies - Alvin and the Chipmunk 2 and Avatar that night! Blah blah blah...

Merry Xmas
Happy New Year to all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free western food at Flamin' Grills

I finally met up with my fellow Monz last night! We went to Upper Thomson to eat free western food! All thanks to SPY for telling us that there is such a good offer but no thanks to her for bringing us to such a far far away place. Luckily, Grassy's dad drove us to Clementi! If not I think I might reach home at 12mn. Hahaha!

Anyway, it's a promotion that onlt last for 3 days. So you probably won't get to eat anymore free food from them =P By the the portion given to us is smaller as it's free, when the promo is over, the portion will be bigger =)

Grassy being threaten to come all the way to Upper Thomson to eat =p

Thanks to SPY for the free drinks!

Mine - Striploin regular cut. I love the baked fluffy! It's funny that the restaurant name the baked potatoes as baked fluffy. Haha

SPY - Pork or Chicken steak. Oh no!!! I can't remember! I got a super bad memory.

Grassy - Salmon fillet

Grassy & my set come with the salad =)

Finally a group photo but without HT. Hehe! I laughed abit overboard.

Monday, December 21, 2009

4 more days to Christmas!

Xmas is coming which means 2010 is coming soon too! Wow! Time just passed by so fast, after 2010, then we will be awaiting for Chinese New Year and after that, it will be my 22nd birthday!

Although I wont be really celebrating Christmas, I probably will go somewhere for Christmas dinner? Or just go NTUC to buy a turkey and a log cake will do. Haha.

Anyway, here are some of the Christmas trees sighted in Singapore. ;)

@ Tangs. The Christmas is far left of the picture. Hehe.

@ Heeren.

@ Jurong Point

@ Bugis

@ Singapore flyer ;)

Another white Christmas tree @ Bugis!

@ Paragon

Hmmm I how wish there will be snow in Singapore or perhaps some days when I earn enough money, I can travel so somewhere whereby I can enjoy the winter weather.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dinner @ Pu Tien

Pu Tien @ Jurong Point

My sis's hubby's mother came to Singapore, so my mama decided to bring her and our family to Pu Tien to have our dinner. Finally, this time we get to eat this as the previous time they queue was too long. We don't really like to WAIT! Hehe!

We ordered cuisine for 6 @ $188 (Set B)

Ben: "Why wait so long.....-__-"

3 Combination platter
Not sure what these 3 items are. Lol. But the taste is just so so.

Claypot fish soup
I LOVEE this! it's really yummy and I get to drink 2 bowl!

My 2nd serving =D

Baked lobster with cheese & supreme stock
The eagle looks really nice and must be make use of several carrots to carve it. the lobster is just so so, I can't even taste any tiny bits of the cheese taste -___-

A close up of the eagle.

A close up of the lobster

Stir-fried yam
I hate to eat yam but surprisingly this is really nice to eat. It's very crunchy.

Bamboo pith & mushroom in supreme stock
Not my cup of tea but the overall taste is ok.

Fried "Hing Wah" bee hoon
It's not the normal bee hoon that you usually eat. Tasted not too bad.

Complimentary fruit platter.

My dad, a happy customer?

Overall, I will give it a 6/10. Not much of a wow factor but their service is good. I will rather pay lesser and head over to Dian Xiao Er to eat.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I will never fried noodles/kway teow again!

That day I told my family I wanna try to fried noodle, fried kway teow or whatever it's call. It's just putting the kway teow and noodle together and fried, that's it. Lol. I thought it will be fun and who knows, I can start my own stall and sell fried kway teow one day! Alright, I'm kidding.

So last weekend we went to buy all ingredients.

Noodles & kway teow.

Crab meats, bean sprouts and fish cakes.

So on Wednesday I just started cooking this dish without knowing how to even start doing it. Haha. Oh, did I told you that I have never fried this noodles/kway teow before? Hehe.

My sis said I gotta soaked the noodles & kway teow first so that when we eat the noodles, there won't be a noodles smell. But my mum told me not to soak it. Well, I didn't listen to my mum because my sis can cook better fried noodles/kway teow than her. Wahahaha!

Alright so I started my cooking...

I actually add in all the ingredients first which I find it quite stupid after that. Those food are already cooked! I should put in the noodles & kway teow first -_____- Major fail!

Alright... I added the noodles after I added in those ingredients -.-

Now I added in the beansprouts and 2 eggs which I can't even see it when it's done.

I added in soy suace and black soy sauce. Tadaaah! This is the ending product! I can't even see any trace of the eggs. Haha.

Overall, I think it's ok. The taste is fine, not too salty or too bland but I should have added in the garlic or onion?! I forgot what my father said. Haha. My father also said that my noodle/kway teow was too dried. Probably due to not enough oil.

It's not easy frying noodle/kway teow you know! So I decided that I won't do it again. Haha! I shall just fried my rice will do =P

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do you love Coach?


Christmas is coming! Don't you wish to get something for yourself? Or buy a bag, wristlet or a keychain for your female friends? How about a stylo-milo wallet for your male friends?

Well why not get yourself something for this Xmas? (Don't be cheapo like me. Only wait for people to buy me gift. =P ) If it's too late for Xmas than just get it as a 2010 gift then. Haha. Well, look let's not look further than this...

visit LovesCoach now!

They are selling mainly the Coach's items which includes the following:

- Mini Skinnies
- Small - Medium wristlets
- Swingpacks
- Ladies' Wallets
- - Keychains & Acessories
- Large-Medium totes/bags
- Classic Coach Signature Stripe Series
- Men's accessories/wallets

and many more! Visit their website for more!

Look what I got for myself and my the other half this Xmas.

A Coach Soho Signature Pleated wallet for myself! I really like the design and *ahem* the leather smell =X

A Coach Signature Stripe Card Bi-fold Case for him!

The 2 items also come with 2 nice gift box...

it also come with an authentic card, tag and gift receipt. You can be rest assured that the items selling @ LovesCoach are authentic!

On top of all these great items that they are selling, their service are really good! They respond fast to my email and I received the item in just 1 week (Btw, the items are shipped from the US). They actually sent someone to send the item do my door step personally! So you can be quite assured that your item(s) will not be lost in lala land ~

Woo wee! I finally got my own Xmas gift this year! All thanks to LovesCoach!!

*Ahem* I know my bf will get something for me aslo. *evil laugh*

Shop @ LovesCoach now!

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