Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random things to mention

Random 1:

I saw Mr Vampire! Although it's no longer a need to see him but I don't mind some eye candy in the morning. When he saw me, he asked his daughter to sit outside the door and wore her shoe. His daughter left ears is like kanna box! Hm... Must be that evil witch did that to the poor little girl. Lol. Few nights ago, when I reached home, I heard that evil witch screaming and yelling at her child. Back to it, too bad for him, the lift came quicker than his daughter could wear her shoe. Bye bye Mr Vampire.

Random 2:

As usual the MRT train is very crowded in the early morning. Infront of me, there stood a middle age Indian man, wearing very smart. I didn't notice much about him at first as I was listening to my mp3. When I wanted skip a track, I looked up and saw that Indian trying to scratch his crotch. LOL. I think he saw me looking at him, he immediately stopped and put his left hand into his left pocket. I saw he was like scratching inside. LOL. Then he put his right hand into his right pocket and do the same thing. LOL. Enough said.

Random 3:

Back at home, Seng said his parent fight because of his lost and found ah ma. His father blame everything on his mother and make her cried. This kind of man really SUX big time!

Random 4:

This is kinda sad isn't it? I have to make and grow money while SPY & Grassy are going to spent and throw more money to Tioman. LOL. Enjoy both of you.

Well, at least Grassy and me are going out tomorrow. =D

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