Tuesday, December 5, 2006

M-O-N-O-T-O-N-O-U-S 365days

Life has been so monotonous. Well, there is never a day that it is not M-O-N-O-T-O-N-O-U-S. I sometimes felt like I'm just like a object in the factory - the process just kept repeating. However, at least I think I'm better off because I still can rebel. Haha.

I have already took a NPL on the 15th. I just get to know that Grassy has something on that day? I tried asking if 18th is possible but SPY is erm... Booked! Also, I doubt I can take NPL on month end. *sigh* Whatever it is, sometimes I felt so tired of many things. I felt like having no life. My off day always got something on!! #^$@$^@#$ If I don't get to go out with them, the most I just sleep at home and play my Football Manager.

I'm up at 8:30am today to complete the stupid Appraisal. I did not complete it, I just managed to add in more rubbish. Time to go off.

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