Tuesday, November 28, 2006

D for Desmond, D is for DOG!

Morning was bad. I got frightened by Ko. He suddenly came from behind and tapped on my bag and asked me this stupid question, "did I frighten you?" Gosh! Obviously, you did!

I hate the word LATE! So pissed off this morning. I got an email yesterday saying that I need to attend the reharsal for the stupid Sucess Seminar at 10:30am. I came at 10:30am and I didn't even see a single soul not even a trace of Ghost's shadow. I waited for another 15minutes, still there was no sight of any human. Yea, maybe only Randy and Yan ping. Desmond was still sitting at his idiot chair doing this own things.

When the time strucked 11am, I was even more pissed off. I went to look again, the training room was empty. I was like thinking, "why does these people are so fucked up?" I was very mad and I went downstairs to eat my breakfast alone. So fucking waste my time to come so early and breathe the Nu air. After that I then realised that they started the stupid reharsal at 11am plus. I totally missed the whole stupid reharsal but do you think I give a damn about it?

To idiot who sent me the fucking email,

If you don't plan to start the stupid thing so early then please don't set the time at 10:30am! You are a fucking idiot!

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