Saturday, September 9, 2006

I'm finally hired!

I shall blog before I start work on Monday!! Ok, let's rewind the time back to Wednesday, 6th September.

I went for 3 interviews erm... The first one sucks because the idiot lady looked down on me. She thinks her company very good..#%^#$%# Now you give me $5000, I won't want to work for you.

The second interview made me so nervy. I was interviewed by the head of something and another lady in the HR department. They asked me tons of questions to make sure I am very sure about working in NUH.

Thankfully for my smart brain (HAHAHA), I managed to answer them without wasting too much of their time. One of the lady questioned me about my choice of my career path. Actually, I doesn't know how to answer her so I just came out with a stupid story and lied. Lol. Well, sometimes during the interview you just have to lie to show your confidence so as to make sure that they will hire you!!

After like 10-15 minutes of interview, the HR asked me to wait outside and so I waited. When she was out, she told me that she was going to bring me to see the head of other department. Then there I met another 2 ladies. Another 1--15 minutes or so of interview. They said they were keen to take me in! Hoooo! I was so darn happy! Then she said the HR will contact me later.

Then I was like smsing my agent that I didn't want to go for the third interview because I thought it will be a waste of my time. However, the agent insisted that I should go. -_- So bo bian, I just went for the third interview with my tummy 1/2 empty.

I went for the third interview with the bo chap mentally. I just like crap around with the interviewee. He is quite a funny guy. Then he was like... "Okay, if you want I can hire you now. Then I can don't need to interview other applicants." After hearing all the benefits and etc, I decided to say, "yes". So sorry to NUH. Haha =X Oh man, I'm hired! *knock knock Grassy* I'm not a shi ye ren shi anymore. Lol.

Friday was a super tiring day LA~! I bought 4 shirts and a pants in total. It cost me $100+ *faint* I shall earn them back in no time. Crap alot with the Monz. Kinda sad that next time I won't have the luxury of time to spent with them anymore. =/

Then that aunty SPY was so vex thinking about the "lu di ku" guy. HAHA. 80% of her brain is usually make up of the word, "love". Awww... Well, I might be wrong. Why girls have to go sleepless night because of a GUY? I wonder if there is any guys will be like this too. *faint*

At the Expo, the first stop was the food fair. *slurp* I swear we didn't eat alot, we only eat till we didn't have to eat our dinner. Muahaha. At John little, Grassy bought a black shirt... Then we were like planning for our next meeting we shall make everyone wear something formal. Sounds fun. Then the evil me was so happy laughing whenever Grassy bought something. The more she buy the merrier because I can laugh at her for spending more money. *evil grins*

*yawnz* Today my leg is aching!!! I shall just rest and sit on my chair for a longer time.

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