Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another week of heavy eye lid

More complaints on this entry? Most likely, so don't mind me. Haha!

Working stuffs
- Another week of waking up early is making me like a panda. Hopefully the new program will be much more efficent.

- Eris is really super duper big mouth. She really can gossips and complaint about this and that everyday. She yank yank yank at the pantry about Joey, complaint about Randy and blah... However it's always interesting to hear her complaints. Haha.

- Kenji is an idiot. Ok, not exactly but he is a BIG SKINNY BULLY. He always 'shoot' me like as if I have offended him. Then we will be like 'shooting' at each other. #%#%@#^@# Alright, I'm just kidding. He ain't that bad other than he likes to say me >.< - I love the company's MSN communicator. Whatever I need to ask help I can just click 'Richard' and send my message. However, I think I will be in a big debts because of Atlas aka the-stupid-system-that-require-supervisor-ID-when-you-edit. Haha. Richard always charge me for using 'his service'. Thankfully, we just shut down Atlas today! - We have the so called SAP test yesterday. *ahem* I got the highest score!!!!! In order to show off, I will not count the 'show hand' questions. The last question is damn idiot. LOL!

Misc. stuffs

- I didn't manage to take any pictures of my new hair because I find taking photos of myself is very er sin. Randy said I got a new nice hair. Muahaha.. He even asked the rest to cut like mine during the Monday breifing. Muahaha~

- Alright, here is something before I sleep...

I was so bored yesterday night. So I went to observe everyone. Then there's one Cheena girl wearing mini skirt and a transparent lace blah blah. This ah peh kept looking at her legs as if as she is so sexy. Booo! Whenever there are girls who wore slightly lesser, he will just turned and looked at that person. Yawn. Nan ren shi hao she de. Lol! I think I got nothing better to do.

Ciao~ I'm going to sleep.

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