Sunday, December 17, 2006

Movie Review - Eragon

Christopher Paolini might be the next J.R.R. or Tolkien J.K.Rowling. Well, who knows? Maybe he will not be because he doesn't has a name like J.B or C.P. Haha. Anyway, who is Christopher Paolini? Who is the writer for the the novel, Eragon.

I have watched this movie just not too long ago at Cathy. It's really a good movie I should say. I thought it will be something like LOTR but it's not really so. Although I have never watch LOTR before but i know it's different.

Basically Eragon is a 17 years old farm boy but he is chosen to be a dragon rider and later he finds out that he has a fate to lead the dragon into battle and win the war against the evil king. But there is one flaw to having this dragon, if the dragon dies, the dragon dies and the boy will be still alive, but if the rider dies, so does the dragon, so they have to keep each other alive. Then this part about the rider dies, so does the dragon but if the dragon dies, they boy will be alive is so rather unoriginal and uncreative because it's similar or I should the same as the flim, Dragonheart.

The movie is more than just "one part brave, to three parts fool". Haha. Despite the lack of originality, it's still worth to spent your penny watching it.

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