Sunday, September 24, 2006

Work washed away my brain!

I guess everything will be short and sweet. Haha. My brain can't type too many things at the moment.

1 week 5 1/2 days I'm working! That's how sad life is when you started working. After I have experience the crowd for Saturday, I have make up my mind that I won't stay long. Lol. I don't know why everytime I have lotsa things in my mind that I wanna write but whenever I wanna write an entry, my mind just went blank.

Yesterday buffet was insane. It was very Chinese style. Erm.. Hard to explain in words or maybe I'm too lazy to think. Haha. I'm getting more lazy these days. Yawnz.

That day I went for lunch with WL and Richard. WL was telling me that guy called, Kenji (who will report back to work on Monday after his reservist) is very HANDSOME -_- I saw him yesterday. Aiya, he was just so so. He is quite so OUT!

Anyway, it's kinda sad that we don't get to celebrate or do anything for our Monz™ day. You guys' presents is still with me. Frankly, I still don't have the time to wrap. Haha. Maybe I will do it later. So little time, so many things to do. *sigh*

Grassy ~! I have already hand in my timesheet because the agent said that if I hand it in on Monday that will be too late. So do you still wanna see my face in the afternoon? In case you didn't see this, I guess I have to sms her later at night. Haha.

24th is the day ~

How I miss the days whereby we still have tons of time together. Seriously, I saw Grace on Wednesday night for dinner, I was very happy. It was just like seeing my 2nd boyfriend. Muahahah =X

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