Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Genting story in pictures: Day 1

The journey begin Grassy coming to Reddish house to sleep...

Grassy was being her ownself again - Super Hyper Active Kid. She just can't get to sleep. So poor Reddish had to to suffer the 2-hours sleepish night.

When it's finally 6am Grassy was so happy and shook the poor Reddish up.

Time to go Genting...So what's for breakfast er...Lunch today? Let's check it out!

Yes! It's the super duper ultra DA BAO!

Poor Grassy has to eat it under the pressure from my mother. LOL. I was laughing so hard each bite that she took.

*vroom* Moving on...

Read this guys!

At the Genting Hotel...

It's 22.4 degree celcius. The weather is so far so good. Er... Not really, it's darn cold there.

So what's the next thing that Reddish will do? Let's guess... It's something that she is very good at...

YES. It's taking Grassy's photo....

*Ahem* it's about time to check-in.

Hm... 9th floor please.

Let's play catching!!

Can you spot where is Grassy?

Room 0912 please....

Er... Ok this the Genting 5 stars hotel. Haha.

Shopping hoursssssss and I mean hourssssssssss.

I shall not take down what I have brought because I know someone else bought more things than me. =P

Late at night, little kids can't go into Casino and so what will they do?


Then they will be happy little kids.

To be continue...

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