Thursday, December 14, 2006

Morning session talks with Mum

Whenever my mother is off, I know we will be talking about the same thing - MY SISTER! Sometimes I really think she is beyond hopeless! She is not motivated by anything at all! Not even money. *sigh* So what did my mother and I talked about today?

1) Can't be bothered attitude
It's been 1 month since she is jobless. Although we know that she is going to Malaysia this coming 29th, she don't even really bother to look for a part time job. Every morning, she won't be so hardworking enough to wake up in the early morning to buy newspaper. However, she is able to wake up in the early morning today! The reason was because she is going to Ben's house. *yawn* Well, that Ben don't seem to be encouraging enough. She is jobless, I doubt he has ever ask her to look for job. They are both equally the same, they only like to enjoy. If she can wake up so early to go to his house, why can't she wake up that early to look for a job?

2) Being lazy
There's a word in hokkien that say, "lazy till all the juice is out". Erm... Something like that. If you ever has a chance to go to her room you will be surprise. If that's not her room, I can understand but it's her OWN ROOM!

3) Over reliance
So strangely enough or I should say, dumb enough, she is not following Singapore's calendar, she followed Ben's calendar. *Sigh* What more can I say? I really pity Grassy. Haha. She is good enough to ask her out but she...*sigh* Doesn't she already realise why SHE DOESN'T EVEN REALIZE WHY SHE HAS NO FRIEND??? Hopeless. So I shall just end here.

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