Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another sucide at MRT Station

Why do human like to end their life at MRT station so much? This time there was a man who is in his 40s died after being hit by MRT train at Chinese Garden Station.

Frankly speaking, I'm not trying to be mean here but if you really wish to end your life, kindly please choose somewhere else like, your HDB flat or wherever you like. It's kinda like a very selfish act and causing a nuisance to the public. For example, ME ME ME ME!

My train has to stop at Jurong East MRT station. I went to the Jurong East interchange to take bus but the quene for the bus to Boon Lay was so damn long!!!!!!! Then I decided to take a cab. All greedy taxi driver decided to put their taxi either 'on hire' or 'on call'. #$%#$^@%@#$@#$ Luckily, I'm still smart enuogh to think of something else. I went to the bus stop which is behind the library to take bus. Oh man! How many of my precious time was wasted just because of a man who wish to end his life.

Unless this man die not because he wanted to die then I got nothing to say.

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