Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All about working again

It's officially that Yenny & Joey are leaving! Once Randy hire somebody to replace them, they will be gone for good. Oh well...

Today, Richard assigned Yenny, Joey, himself and me to eat lunch on 1pm. It's the 2nd time he had such arrangement. He is really a Mr MacDonald or erm.. Mr fast food. He ALWAYS eat fast food but he is still so skinny.

I asked him why is he so good that he arrange us together to eat. Hm... I can't remember what he said to me. I can only remember that we complaint to him that whenever we go out and eat with other people, we are so damnnnnnnnn bored!! He asked us to make some efforts to interact with them. I argued back that it's not whether we make an effort or not, it's whether we got the "mo qi" or not. Just like in the beginning, when I just joined the company, Joey came talking to me and *tadaaaa* that's how we spark off and able to get along well with each other. Joey also added that among so many people, we can only get along more well with him and well we are more comfortable telling him this and that.

I also told him that someone in the company condemn us saying we, newbie won't work for long. He actually asked me who said that but I told him that I didn't wish to pin point at anyone if not I will be as hypocrite as that person - talk behind people's back. At the ending, I told Richard that he is the only one that we trust and said all these to, if he ever went to tell someone else, I will condemn him too. LOL! *ahem* It's not easy to be an assistant supervisior after all.

We discussed about a lot of things which I can't remember everything. When it's about time to go back, I told everyone that, "hai... Happy hour is going to end soon".

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