Sunday, October 1, 2006

Happy Children's day!

Erm... Yep. That's all folks. Hahaha! I'm no longer a kid anyway. If only I can be a child on every passing day. Talks about children just makes me feel kinda confuse. For the sake of money or interest? Money or interest? Some people will go for money. For my case, this time round I have chosen money. Hopefully it's not a wrong choice. Even if there's future plan, I doubt it's too late to change. It's still flexible =)

Anyway, I got some compliments from the distributors that makes me happy. One praise me for being patient and another said that I never fail to smile at her even though she keep asking and complaining. I guess that's the satisfaction you will get for working at that place.

Aaron is a smartass. Lol. On his 2nd guess, he knew who is the person who said that nasty phrase. The person's name is not even worth to mention in my blog. It's funny that he ask if I speak mainly English at home. He also added thatI sounded more pro in English than Chinese. Who ask me to be best known for being an ang moh lang. Lol! Maybe I just don't like to speak Singlish infront of of important people or people who are more foreign to me. Lol! *ahem*

Anyway, I got my 2 weeks pay! It's not alot so I guess I can't really treat anyone yet. Sorry Grassy. Lol! I doubt we have to meet too. Should I just send the present to all of you? *sigh* Grassy, how about Thai Express the next time when I see you again? I wonder how long will be the NEXT time. I shall just sigh for another minutes.

Anyway, I read my a ex-schoolmate's blog and I just find this pretty interesting.

"...there will be moments whereby, its always happy and you feel like you're in your own fairytale with your own prince charming. The next you know, theres endless misunderstanding where u wish you won't play a part in it."

Sometimes, I really get tired of repeating myself. I don't like to be a nagger but somehow I'm made to be like one. Sometimes I just can't help it by feeling a little less happier.

Once again, Happy Children's day. I wanna be happy too.

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