Sunday, October 8, 2006

1 week of hell

1 week of waking up early in the morning is really torturing. Haha! The training is alright, but it can be quite confusing sometimes. It's rather hard to squeeze everything into your brain in just 2 weeks. It's just like an exam, how is it possible to stuff all the information into your brain when your exam is going to start in 2 weeks later.

I was talking to Aaron yesterday, we were talking about something that I can't remember the details. I remembered asking him where is the number 1 yandao in the warehouse. Hahaha! Then he added by saying there's another called Alex, who is coming back on Monday from reservist. Then I asked him if he is more yandao than Henry then you introduce to me or I'm not interested. Lol!

Talking about guys, I somehow think Randy is a little crazy sometimes. That time we were having our SAP training, no matter how I tried I just can't login. I complaint to him and then I try again. I try many times then I finally login! Then Randy asked me how come I can login now. So I replied by saying, "eh... because just now I forgot to put the SG in the login name". So you know what he did? He throw the small tiny bits of candies on his hand at me. -__- I know he is just playing but just seems a little crazy too. Hahaha! Another thing, he likes to use his elbow to erm... how to explain... It's hard to explain in words. Unless you are interested then ask me. I shall stop talking about him.

Before Joey & Yenny leave, they gave us candies & chocolates. I was asking them, "today is Childrens' day?" Haha. Sometimes it's kinda sad because when you found 2 person who can make you feel comfortable tlaking crap to and become rather close. The next moment, you know you are not going to see them everyday. Having a boyfriend working in the same company with you is kinda different from having a friends there.

Well well... Yesterday outing with Monz™ was fun. On our way to Cineleisure, Grassy and me saw a lady in yellow... No speech was needed, we both just burst out laughing. That lady was really funny... Her clothing and the way she walked was just... WRONG WRONG WRONG. Haha!

We went Seoul Garden to eat. *pause a minute* I pity my money. *sobz* Haha. While eating, I always remembered how much I can eat... Plates after plates. Then what happen in Genting really taught me a lesson. *scary* Then I didn't even eat the desert after that.

Surprisingly, Grassy suggested that we should take neoprints! Alright, that was really amazing. Haha! But she got her reason, it's really hard for the 4 of us to go out together. Here are some silly neoprints that we have taken. I kinda regret for not wearing my home clothes inside my polo tees. >.<

Ahhhhh! Monday is my performance review! I wonder what Randy will ask me.... That's all for now. Hopefully, it's long enough. Lol!

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