Sunday, November 5, 2006

A real blog entry

I shall post a real post, shoudn't I?

The GEM (Go-the-Extra-Mile-for-Service) started on 1st Nov. To me, it was really nothing and I don't expect to win of cos! If I win, then I should immediately become the Senior DSR! LOL!

Then that Low Chun Ping (HAHAHAHA) was asking me if I have the confident to win the "Hong Xing Da Jiang". After I heard that, I was like DUH! Haha! I then told him that I'm still new, alot of the distributors won't know me or my name so it's unlikely for me to win. Hm... I should ask him to vote for me! HAHA!

Today there is this uncle who always come and buy for his downline. He told me that he like my smile. I just laughed. Then after that he added that he felt happy whenever he see me. I laughed again and asked him why. The reason he gave me was that because I'm always so cheerful and smiley. He then asked for my name and said that he will vote for me for the GEM. I then joked and said, "Skali, I got only 1 vote and that's from you. Haha." He then replied saying that I'm so good, there will bound be people who voted for me too. Haha. I felt kinda happy after that. After all it's an compliment. Thank you uncle but I don't remember your name. Haha!

Also, this is just so weird, I will always run away from those surveyors or whatever. However, SADLY today that silly Grassy didn't know how to walk out of the 2-men trapped. Sigh. I'm now like kinda regret that we both sign that thingy. I have not idea if I should just like terminate the contract in 1 year, 2 year or next month? Lol! GRACE!!! Gimme a I mean sms when you saw this. At least lemme know your decision, ok?

When I reached home today, I opened up the letter from Recruit Express and Ho! Ho! Ho! It's really quite alot of money that I earned for this month. That means I got more money to spend and save at the same time. Plus now I have learn how to earn easy OT money. Haha. All thanks to Richard and er... Jean. Haha.


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