Monday, August 7, 2006

Do you know how old is Singapore?

I guess alot of people whom come from mainland China has a very big misconception that Singaporean speak good English. Well, there are Singaporean who speak good English but definitely not the majority. I really don't like some of the girls from those girl's school, they just like to speak like they are some Caucasian. Oh please, no matter how well they try to act, they still sound like Singlish. Yikes. Speak singlish la. So what?

Tomorrow is National day... So do you know how old is Singapore on the 9th August 2006? Read the following...

One day, my father's colleague, he is from China, he asked my dad a question...

China man: How old is Singapore this year?
Dad (Singaporean, of cos): Erm.. 39 years old.
Malaysian man: Singapore this year is 41 years old.

This is not a joke, my dad told me about this. I think my dad came from Italy too. He don't even know how old is Singapore.

2 more days and I will fly to Genting. I can't wait for it but at the same time... I will miss those whoever miss me. You know who you're.

Here's some dumb dumb pictures. Cheers ~

Aunty SPY ~ Don't sms my in the morning hor!! LOL. Di siao you again when i'm back =D Btw, I still ike.. erm.. WAITING for a big treat from you. =p

Dr Chris..erm.. Chief Chris....More tips please....! I don't just eat fish, fish and er.. more fishes... *faint* Anyway, I'm gonna see how fat your bag is. XD

MUAHAHAHHAHAHA. This photo..... I can't say... because I think my sis told him about my blog =X

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