Sunday, November 12, 2006

The worst wedding dinner

Randy's wedding dinner at Changi Village Hotel was the worst experience I ever had. Let's start with the the ...

1. Service - Most or maybe all the waiter/ess are from China. I have nothing against them but their attitude is poor. Firstly, they didn't even produce the most simple service - SMILE. Everyone of the are so DAO!

Then the way they serve the food was like Kopitiam standard! They just like bam and dump the food on the table. When they serve the fish, they didn't remove the fish bone.

When our drinks was finished, NO ONE bother to refill our drinks. Each time we have to call them to refill. They didn't bother to change the plates too. It's only when we kept asking them to change then they will do it for us.

The time to serve each dish was so damn SLOW!!! It's like when your tummy have digested each dish they will then serve another. The last dish was desert, they really took donkey years to serve. 3/4 of the guests have already left even before the desert is being serve! PATHETIC!

2. Food - Yikes! Then even let me get this started. All the food were simply SUCKS! The chicken was tasteless and no source to dip. The fish was equally bad... the whatever rice...Well basically all the food that were being served that night SUCKS!

3. Environment - Erm.. Alright the place is kinda decent BUT the cloth that was used to cover the chair was dirty and the napkin as well. Yikes! The plates and bowl was equally BAD!

One word to sum up everything...


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