Monday, September 18, 2006

Working life

The morning train was awful! The driver should take his driving lesson again. Haha. Joey didn't come to work today, making me so bored. I was there alone listening to "San Gu Liu Po" gossiping. One of the person said, "Aiya, the new comers won't stay long one." Haha. I was like, "Yar yar... you are so darn right. Working here is insulting my intelligence." So darn bored la! I think I can only talk more to Joey or Yenny. The rest like..."San Gu Liu Po". They are already so familiar with each other and can talk anything under the sun, unlike me. ZZZ

I asked the assistant supervisor during lunch time, she told me that currently I am still consider as a temp staff so I need to work on every Saturday!!! WTH! That time Randy told me it's alternate Saturday! Yenny also told me that she felt so cheated and wanted to complaint. LOL!

There is a company dinner at Suntec this coming Saturday! BOOOOOO! I wonder how am I going to meet the Monz™ and pass them the presents. GRASSY MY SAND! LOL! Hm... Should I get something for Grassy only for our 24th? Haha. Even if I want I also don't have the time. Hm... I should start digging things in my house! Muahahaha. Hmmmm....


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