Sunday, November 19, 2006

Early birthday celebration for mama

My mum's birthday falls on this month 26th but she isn't off on that day so I decided to treat her 'Zi Char' or whatever it's call. Lol.

This 'Zi Char' stall at Jurong West is really good. The food is cheap and yummy! *Burp* Oops! =X

Sharkfin. Erm... Suppose to be a bigger bowl? Haha.

Erm... This is called, Polo pork rib. Whatever is it, it tasted really nice but it's too LITTLE!

BBQ stingray!

GRACE!! I finally watched 7 episode of 'My lovely Sam Soon'. That guy is really yandao. Hahaha. Guess I will be seeing you this 'idiot' very soon. That day was kinds weird. I was weird so I have no time to reply her then she was like saying me something which I can't remember and she went offline. -____-

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