Sunday, July 4, 2004

At the ending back to the begining again...

Yeah! I use blogger to blog again!!! Haha! Nothing much for today. Just can't wait for tomorrow match!!! FORCA PORTUGAL! I have no favourite team to root for. Lol! So FORCA PORTUGAL! Lol!
From the ending back to the begining again... The opening match is Greece V Portugal and the final game is the same again! It's back to squre one. If Greece win, I think they are really making history. Well, don't you think so? I really take my hat off them. It's final tonight, I think whoever score first might win. If the game play till 80mins plus, Portugal have not yet score then it'll be very dangerous because Greece always like to score in the last dying mintues. Lol! After this match, I don't know what I will be doing...No more soccer match *booo* Must wait for sometimes...Hm... Rui Costa is going to bow out after this match. This will be his last match with Portugal. *sob* All the best to him!

Read the news...Crespo is loan to AC Milan?!?!?! I know that he's a great player but I don't wish to see him at Milan. If he join Milan, does Tomasson still have more chance to play? It's still a rumour I guess so I better don't make a fuss about it. Lol! Also, Mexes is coming to Roma! I think it's official! Is it?! Haha! If it's true. I'll be soooo happy! I like Mexes, he's a great player. What's more, Roma has already sold Samuel to Real so Roma do need Mexes!

Maureen got her own blog! Hehe! Not forgetting to mention that I edited the blog for her. Lol! Also, Julia got a new Ronaldo's layout!! Go check her site out!! Hm... her Canna's layout didn't last very long. Haha! But I think her new layout looks even better!

Leng Keong got himself a new handphone! Haha! I was shock when suddenly someone send me an MMS. I open the file and it's a photo of a island, it said:"It's a island for you and your Totti. From Leng Keong." I was there laughing! This is first time I find him so cute and adorable! Lol! Mostly people who got a new phone, they'll either SMS you or call you but he... Lol! He's different! Haha! Thanks Leng Keong! I hope Totti will live in the island with me. Lol!

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