Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I don't need a free ride to school

Hm...can't really remember what things happen today. I only know that I'm totally exhausted today! Argh! Walk home with Jasper today. Rather funny! Haha! Maybe, this never happen before.

Well, when I was at Clementi MRT station I heard someone called me but I refused to believe it until the 3rd time I turned and look, it's Jasper. Hehe! I don't mean to let him call me so many times. We missed 2 trains because both trains was sooo crowded.

I have some light conversation with him. Hm... He's quite a funny guy. He asked me if I want a lift to school in the morning. I was like... WHAT? Haha! I didn't say yes. Well, just awkward.

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