Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Near Queen

Hahahaha... I was puzzled when Maureen said 'Near Queen' to me. She wanted me to guess what does it mean. I couldn't get it. After that Pei Yun asked me to read the opposite. Then I realised! Opposite of 'Near Queen' is 'Far King'. Try to read 'Far King' a few times and you will get it. Lol! I think it's interesting, don't you think so.

Today Chinese lesson was awesome. Lol! It's Claire Chia show again. She was so damn too funny. I guess Ling Hui will blog what she has done. Hmm... Maybe I can just copy and paste from her blog. Lol! Too lazy to write anything about that Creepy Claire Chia!

Although, he did something wrong. I still wants to declare loudly that Totti is forever my 'Idol Lao Gong'! Indeed he did something wrong, an awful sin that tarnish his reputation and also cause a damage in the Italy squad but the main things was he wanted to repent and willing to change. He felt sorry and regreted what he have done. In the news report...

"Un maglia del Capitano con su scritto 'Santa Madonna del Divino Amore, ti chiedo di perdonarmi e di non lasciarmi mai' verrà deposta ai piedi della Madonna del Santuario del Divino Amore che si trova a sud della capitale.

Il giocatore ha dimostrato, ancora una volta, di essere profondamente pentito per lo sputo lanciato a Christian Poulsen durante la gara d'esordio della Nazionale contro la Danimarca. Totti ha pagato con tre giornate di squalifica ma, evidentemente, ciò non basta per far sentire Francesco con la coscienza pulita. Così il campione ha cercato conforto nella preghiera."

Something like that...

"Totti wrote:' Saint Madonna of the Divine Love, I ask to you to pardon to me and not to leave me mai' on a piece of paper and together with his soccer boots he placed it on the feet of the Madonna of the Sanctuary of the Divine Love. The player has demonstrated, once again, of being deeply sorry for spitting at Christian Poulsen. Totti has paid with three days of disqualification but, that might not be enough for Francesco to fee clean conscience"

I know whatever he has done might not be enough but I believe he will be more mautre after this inccident. Sometimes, we should just forgive and forget. He's unlike some France's player who spit at their coach...

Swear to kick Ming Geng's ass, if he ever dare to poke fun at him again! I told Ling Hui that I wanted to protect my Lao Gong! Haha!

August 18th: Italy V Iceland (Friendly)
September 4th: Italy V Norway

By the time, I will be busy with my exams, prelims and stuff. *sigh* O level this year!! I really must emphasis that alot alot of times!!

Ok...the story that I'm writing is still in progress. Hehe! Shan Long know that he's one of the character in the sotry! Lol! No big deal.

I have to go and study my Chemistry - Cation & Anion. Argh! Tired now, maybe I'll do that tomorrow. There's POA lesson tomorrow, since I have already drop the subject, I think I can study Chem during POA lesson.

Hm... Minyi saga begin again. I'm tired of it man. Well, I'm neutral in this suitation. I won't be involved and I don't wish to so don't try to fit me in.

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