Monday, July 5, 2004

Do they really deserve to win?

Greece won the Euro Cup. No surprise but the question is, do they really deserve it? Do they really deserve to win? Yes, because they really play very well as a team. They keep defending and make sure they frustrated the opponent until they gave up. No, because they didn't play as well as Portugal. They hardly attack them. They just keep defending for the whole game. I think the goal was a lucky one and it's somehow Ricardo's fault to allow the goal to go in. It's really upset me that teams who actually play much better and more attractive football didn't win. It's some boring-keep-defending team won the competition. Or maybe it's reality; we just have to accept it. This game is the last game for Rui Costa as he has already said he's retiring from international duty. How I wish he could win something before he left.

Towards the end of the game, a fan (I think he's Barcelona's fan) throws a Barcelona's banner at Figo. I think he's really childish and insensible! Though it's not something that never happens before, just feel that for a great player like Figo, don't deserve to be treated this way.

Although I'm not a Portugal fan, I feel sore for them. Did you guys see Ronaldo cried? I was like... sighing away. He so sad! He missed a few scoring chances but he can't totally to be blame. He's still a great player. Hope he can continue to shine for Man Utd. *Sigh* Well, what to do. Again, this is just a game, have to face the reality and the ball is round, anything can happen.

Quote from some of the member's comments in my Yahoo!Group:
"...the way they (greece) play is the best sleeping pills for so sad that czech and portugal lost to the defending-is-the-only-tactic team :("

"...if this is the way players are going to play football in the future, always defending but no attacking and just wait for the heading chance from corner, they just
make the game suck!"

" matches are supposed to be interesting and's y we watch soccer matches feel the excitement and enthusiasm..not just for the outcome only."

"...what the hell is that? all of a sudden there were 8-9 defenders in greece team while opponents trying to attack???"

Here's mine list of the best and the worst for this Euro...

Best Striker(s):
Cassano - although Italy was eliminated early in the competition, I think Cassano is a great striker, he score once in both game. If only Italy can go further in the competition...I bet he can score more goals.

Rooney - Definitely better than Owen. He always pose a danger to opposite team. England was unlucky to lose him through injury for the game against Portugal.

Baros - What's more you can say about the top scorer for this Euro?

V. Nistelrooy - One of the main men to help Holland to go to the semi - final.

Best Midfielder(s):
Nedved - Always perform his best for his country.

Zidane - Probably the only French who play his heart out.
Best Defender(s):
Cannavaro & Nesta - They're the few who performed well for Italy.

Carvalho – Did well for Portugal but just could not bring glory for them.

Actually some Greece defender are quite good but don't really know their name. Hehe!
Best Goal Keeper(s):
Buffon - Still the best GK!

Best Coach(s):
Scolari - I'll definitely choose him over Otto because he make Portugal play attractive football, he make the right changes for the team except for using Pauleta instead of Gomes. Well no one is perfect.

Best match ever watched for this Euro(s):
Portugal V England - Probably the most entertaining one.

Most outstanding player(s):
Can't think of one yet!

Worst Striker(s):
Pauleta - For sure! Can't even score when he got several chances

Vieri - one of the main reason why Italy is out! Totally off-form.

Henry - Yes, he scored in the game against Switzerland but he should have done more than that.

Worst Midfielder(s):
Del Piero - Well what can I said? He's not the last time Del Piero.

Totti - Could have done so much more but instead he do something more than just playing football.

Beckham - Missed 2 penalty. Never contribute much to the team. What's more can be more worst than that.

Worst Defender(s):
Materazzi - Concede a silly penalty during the game against Bulgaria. Never like him as a player.

Worst Goal Keeper(s):
David James - Can't even save a single penalty for the game against Portugal. Can't save Zidane's free kick because of poor postioning.

Stiel (Switzerland) - Make a joke of himself during the game against Croatia.

Worst Coach(s):
Trapattoni - Make a huge mistake by making the team more defensive by taking Cassano & Del Piero out during the game against Sweden. Should have start Gattuso and Pirlo for the first game against Denmark instead using Zanetti & Camoranesi.

Eriksson - Should have call up better striker, like Beattie, Smith instead of Emile heskey. Even Vassel is not good enough. He was left with no choice when Rooney is injured.

Worst match ever watched for this Euro(s):
Italy V Bulgaria, Greece V Czech - Too heart breaking for me.

Greece V Portugal - Rather boring and Portugal should have won!

Most flop player(s):
Bekcham - A player that everyone expect a lot from him but he failed to do much.

Totti - What more can I say? My fav player is such a dud in this competition.

Hm... Maybe there's something to cheer about. Memories Bliss won the best content award from Toxic Bliss Awards!

I was quite surprise because I didn't even remember to ask anyone to vote me. Lol! Maybe I'm just lucky.

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