Friday, July 9, 2004

Utterly disappointed!

I so angry with myself. I have my O level Chinese exam today. The passage was so easy but I was too nervous that I stumbled upon reading a few words. I even read wrongly for some damn stupid easy word. I even said sorry to the invigilators when I read wrongly. Am I dumb or what? My hand was like shaking like hell the moment I read wrongly. I could see the paper was shaking with me (cos I was holding it). *sigh* Then I put down the paper down and my left hold onto my right to stop myself. I suck! When come to the conversation part... I was rather speechless because the question was so RETARDED! They ask that according to the news article lots of students from China prefer to go Singapore's Polytechnic instead of Junior College. What's your view? I was likeWTF? WHY DON'T YOU ASK ANYTHING ABOUT SINGAPOREAN? CAN ASK SOMETHING ELSE? WTF THIS STUDENTS FROM CHINA GOTTA DO WITH ME? *no offence to the students from China* I was sooo.... I just anyhow answer some craps hopefully it works. Well, at least I speak up. Mr Lee said before, it's better than you talk rubbish than you didn't say anything. I guess he's right. *sigh* After I have done my oral, I SMSed Hui Xin, Chia Shen, Weimin, Ling Hui, Jie Si & Minyi, how's their oral. Here's their answer...

Jiesi: haha.. very hard la...(blah..)not very hard bt lata nt tt good.. sigh.. conversation still ok bt nt easy..
Hui Xin: oh god! It's so damn nerve wreckin!
*you know what? Hui Xin said that the invigilators were giggling after I left!!! :(*
Minyi: Ya...fine
Ling Hui: Ok lar
Chia Shen: Ok lar
Weimin: Not so...

*sigh* I think I'm not going to get an A for Chinese! Argh! So disappointed. I think I never gave my fullest potential. What for do so well for MYE for never did so well for O level. Dammit!

...somewhat of a perfectionist, yet the results of my efforts often fall short of my high expectations...

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