Thursday, July 15, 2004

I saw Toro!!

This is the proof! Haha! I saw Toro at Jurong Point! Haha! Not really a fan of him but he look awesome. Hehe! He, Fiona & Xiao Qiao was there to shoot a new drama series call, "Tian Ya Ren Wo Xing". Hehe! I meet my sis at Jurong Point because she wanted to buy new clothes. When I met her, she told me there's people shooting show. So I just went there and see. I was like, wow! It's Toro & Fiona. Hehe! I was there happily taking their photos using my phone. I follow them for about half an hour then my back was aching because I was carrying my bag (After school)! Haha! Went home after that.

I have not do the mind mapping thing for Chemistry!! Maybe I'll do it later. *yawn* Gonna fall alseep soon...

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