Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Make love or Chemistry practical?

I was LMAO when Hui Xin said that doing sex is much more easier than doing Chem practical. She's such a good joker. Haha! Anyway, we really have a hard time for today Chem lesson. Mrs Tan was fuming because of some people who did the experiment wrongly. Well, not me. Ha! Ha! She was so fierce today. But I think it's good for us. Haha! That's the way to learn and get better. I guess I have been improving. Hehe! When I was heating the liquid, Mrs Tan suddenly called me. I looked at her then I didn't realise the water was already boiling, the water spilled out and I scald my 3 fingers, to be exact. Lol! I thought she wanted to scold me, in the end she praised me for doing the right way for heating the liquid. Damn! I rather she don't praise me or whatever. Haha! Hm... But it's always good for someone like her to praise me. Haha! Well, she still call me Register no. 1!

Do you know? Chris didn't talk a single word to me today! That's unusual, you know. Haha! I guess he's too shy. Lol! All because of Minyi's fault! Hahaha! That's just a so-called prank anyone. He's like totally didn't dare to face me today. Haha! And this morning, when Minyi greeted him, he did the same but as for me, he turned away. Haha! My reputation was once again being ruin. Hahaha! Now, he's like scare about me for nothing. Things should be better tomorrow. Haha!

Just apply for Paolo Maldini & V.Nistelrooy fanlisting! Hopefully I can get it. Hehe! I did apply for Maldini the previous one but someone get it before me. :( However, it's too long on upcoming and it's removed! So it's time for me to grab it. Lol! I also applied for Cassano a few days ago. Hahaha! Hope I don't sound greedy but at least I know I can do it! Haha!

Oh ya! Just remmeber, after eating for recess, I walked past the notice board area and guess what... At Pegasus notice board there... The person in charge (i think so) pasted V.Nistelrooy photo there! I was like -_-||| But... at least it's better than nothing. Other houses' notice board was so boring. Hehe!

Argentina V Uraguay: Hehe! Nothing much. I think I'd prefer Uraguay to win b'cos of Forlan! Haha

Wondering what's Totti is looking at?! Haha!

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