Friday, July 16, 2004

No time to slack...

[EDIT] So happy! Just know that tomorrow Chem self study is not compulsory! [/EDIT]

I have been slacking these few days but I least I did some of my homework. Lol! I complete 1/4 of the mind map for Chem yesterday. I wanted to bring it to class and let Minyi or Ling Hui to continue but in the end I didn't. Haha! Never mind. I have to complete it by today. I think so because we'll have self study for Chemistry tomorrow! LAME! I hate it. Well, never mind. I guess it's good for us.

Well, everything the teachers do for us, is GOOD for us! Ok, I'm bull-shitting here. Hm... Don't know if I can complete it later. So tired. I got lousy marks for my math, well, expected. Only for 1 question, the answer is 95 but I'm so silly that I went to write 7 there!! I'm insane! Some of the questions are really easy, it's just that I couldn't remember how to do it. Hehe! I can't slack anymore! Buck up!! I failed my bio test by 4 marks! Why? Because I didn't study or else I might have already pass! Never mind. I have only myself to blame.

So sick and tired. I hope 2004 will end faster.

I'm tired for almost everyday. I guess I have problems. Hehe! Sick in the head or what, I don't know. I only know that I will have numerous dreams every night that prevent me from sleeping more. Ironically, I can remember what I dreamed last night because I usually don't. Those dreams I have is so relate to today event and yesterday event. Weird? I find it weird. Hehe! Yesterday, I dreamed that after school, I went to some Theme Park with my friends and forgot to buy food home for my mother. Hehe! I find this dream so real because indeed my mother asked me to buy food for her today. This dream makes me remember what she told me to do.

Must really thanks Xiao Gang! Haha! Because of the blog I told him to create, I know so many things now! Maybe it's more than Hui Ting! Hehe! I think tomorrow gathering is cancel! If not, Xiao Gang & Pei Yun can go and enjoy themselves! Hehe!

Aleka came online and told me she's looking for Totti's photos, the one with him kissing his ring. She wanted it for her layout. I was trying so hard to find it for her because I lost most of his photos when I reformatted my stupid computer. Fortunately, I found those photos! Hehe! Because of her, I found back more of the others photos that I have lost and I also found new photos. *wink* I just love those photos that he took with Cassano. They're so sweeeeet. They're like little gay couple to me. Haha! Jk! I also found some of his old photos. I think he looks better now. Hehe!

It's Jiamin's bday today. Hehe! Actually, I don't really know her. Hehe! Only get to know her through Ling Hui. She said she wanted a present, so i told her that I'm wrapping her a present. Hehe!

Actully, she already "make her bday wish" 3 days ago. Lol! She wanted that Ruud's photos (w/o his shirt on) Haha! I purposely doesn't want to send her that pic because I don't see every site have that photo. Too bad I sent her the photo today. Hehe! Guess what? I edit the photo, I resize the pic, add border and wrote some words there before sending it to her. Haha! I just want to make sure she won't get the original 1. Haha! Am I bad? Haha!

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