Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What will men said to get "it" ?

This thought just came to my mind while talking to my colleagues. Men probably will say the following just to get laid.

* "Want to watch a DVD together tonight?"
* "Want to come over and chill?"
* "We have great chemistry."
* "You and I have so much in common?"
* "Want to get out of here and go somewhere less noisy? I promise I'll behave."
* "I love your accent."
* "God, you're so hot"
* "Did I mention you're hot?"
* "Want to head back to my place?"
* "We're having an after party at my place."

Or will men also go to such extend (like this do) to just to "do it"? Haha. Give it some thoughts.


Viya said...

Wow! dog turns to buaya darat!!! :P

Asian Traveler said...

Hahaha... I've got a good belly laugh looking at the photos. The dog looks like has rabies that passes through the "mad dog" phase.

Anonymous said...

dogs can hump the air.

Hp said...

hey, ur tagbox not working...i reply ur tag here...

haha i was at far east yesterday ^^

Ju Ann said...

hey there! first time here. I just wanted to say the comic brightened my day!

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