Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have signed up for BBDC!

I went Bukit Batok Driving Centre to sign up as a student that day. If not for the troubles and headaches that the private instructor gave me, I doubt I will sign up for school. Well, the lucky thing was that I have not paid the $50 registration fees! Phew! Seems like learning how to drive ain't that easy after all. Haha. I should have sign up for school from the very start. The more I want to save money, the more I wasted. =/

The enrollment fees for school is $89.88. As previously I was a private student so I gotta pay an additional of $10 for conversion -___- Also, even though I have already passed my basic & advance theory as a private student I still gotta go for 4 theoretical lesson (BTL 1.01 & 1.02, FTL 1.01 & 1.02). Each lesson cost me $17.12!

I just took 2 BTL lessons this morning. Overall, I think it's quite good for those who is a new student or even for those people who is going to take practical lesson. The whole lesson taught us all those safety rules, videos clips of real life accident in Singapore and some other video clips about safety rules on the road. The instructor who taught the BTL 1.01 is really a very humorous guy. He makes the whole lesson very fun and entertaining. His name is William. As for the BTL 1.02, the instructor was so so, so I kinda wanna fall asleep. HAHA. My FTL lessons will be next Sunday. Gotta wake up early in the morning again.

In order to be able to take the TP test, I also need to take the Driving Simulator which I don't know wth is that. Hmmm...

Anyway, all the best for myself. I will start to book for my lesson on Tuesday when my boss is back. I gotta asked if I'm allow to go work at around 10:30am. He is already nice enough to let me go off earlier for my degree class, I think it's also a courtesy to ask him regarding my driving.

Hehe! Sometimes I wonder how I cope with my work, school and driving. Hmmm... Soon I will be a wonder woman. Wahaha!

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