Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Battle of the sexes

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Personally, I think the biggest turn-off during a date are:

1) LATE when meeting up!!! I can say I'm quite punctual when meeting friends so I expect guys to be punctual or reach the destination before I do. If the guy is always late, he most likely won't see me again.

2) Keep making his hair while we are chatting or eating. Come on! If you're are really good looking, you will be. If you are really ugly, no matter how to style or tidy your hair, you are still ugly!!

3) Keep staring at me as though as I'm an alien. See somemore! I dig your eyes out! Such guys are damn disgusting.

4) Keep telling me how good he is. If he is good or bad, it's up to me to judge, I don't need him to show off to me about how good he is. *thumps down*

5) Guys who don't offer to pay for the bill after a dinner. If he don't do it, it kinda shows that he is damn stingy! So just stay away from him! Haha.

Anyway, there's this new movie coming out, The ugly truth.The story is about Abby, who is having difficulty in love and life. Although she does make time for dating, she's hardly ever asked out a second time due to her comprehensive background checklist of 10 things she wants in a man. Naturally, the checklist will scares off her potential men. Well which men won't?

One day her producer hires Mike Chadway to be the host of a crude talk show called The Ugly Truth. Mike is an anti-love, pro-lust chauvinist who claims to know exactly how every guy thinks. After that he takes up a challenge to help Abby to help her win the heart of her neighbour.

Anyway, I wanna watch it because I want to know the ugly truth of what makes men and women tick! Probably, I also wish to know how Mike guides Abby to seduce the man that she is interested. Oh, also I wish to have a good laugh after months of stress from work =D

Catch The Ugly Truth when it opens in the cinemas on the
17th September 09!

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Khai Ven said...

i wanna watch this too =)

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