Sunday, September 6, 2009

My oh-so no drama mama life

So what has or going to happen in my oh-so-boring life? Well, nothing major but yet enjoyable. I don't know since when I don't even bother to blog my sadness or unhappiness down. 3 years ago or perhaps during my secondary school days, I tend to complaint alot and write every single detail about my angry or sad incident. I kinda miss how my my blog entry used to be lengthy in those days.

Right now, I don't like to vent my anger in my blog anymore. I will just write 1 line or maybe don't even mention it because I feel, those sadness or angers don't deserve a place in my blog. Also, I don't really have the enthusiasm to blog more detail about my daily life or experiences. Hmmm I wonder why. It must be "pictures" fault!! They totally overtake my words. They took my wordy brain away!

Hur! Now I'm writing to find my writing spirit! So here we go, here are some of my thoughts about my 21 years of life so far.

At 21, I really want to thank my parents for bringing me up to who i am today. Thanks for their care, concern & MONEY. Haha. Who say money is not important? Without them, I won't be able to complete my diploma =)

Years ago I completed PSLE with moderate grades,which I think is fantastic because my total scores is higher than my sister. I miss my primary school friends, those guys are the best group of little boys that I know! I didn't managed to contact them again because I once lost my phone but all thanks to facebook. I got them in my list but still didn't really chat with them. Haha.

I fought through my secondary school life failing my math all way. Erm, I think I managed to pass once in a very super blue moon. I always wonder how I managed to get to secondary 4.
Not forgetting to mentioned that I always got good grades for my Chinese. The most memorable ones should be the time I got top for my literature test when I'm in secondary 2. Top in the whole secondary 2 level leh! HAHAHA. I not only beat those smarties in my class but also those hao lian kids in class 2E4! Haha. Even my teacher, Mrs Sim was surprise about it but she was very happy that the top scorer comes from the average class student.

At school, I don't play alot (but I'm good in sports =O) and hardly go around mixing with different groups of people as I find socializing very tiring and fake. If I can get along with any particular person, I will be his or her friend naturally. Eg. Grace. I don't even have to put any effort to into her world. HAHA. It's just our mutual understanding. Or like Huiting, I get to know her because she is one of SPY's circle group of friends. Well, 2-3 good friends is better than 10 over rotten eggs. Everything happen for a reason. If we can get along, we will, I don't usually take the first step to get to know someone UNLESS it's a HE and HE IS SUPER YANDAO which is impossible as we don't have such man in Singapore. Haha.

Getting my O level result is 1 of my lowest point of my life because my result sucks and I EXPECTED it because I didn't even bother to put effort for my Math so I deserve it. I actually cried when I reached home because I know I have zero chance of entering poly. How ironic, I know I didn't put in that effort, cry for what. Idiot me. Lucky me, I know it's a waste of time to get into ITE so I decided to go the "private" way.

So I decided to pursue my childhood dream, which is to be a preschool educator as a private student. During the times in the school, I met new people but not friends because those I know really sucks. Those are really good and down to earth, I don't know them well.

I was lost when I'm graduate. My aunt told me holding just a cert for preschool teaching don't earn much penny and it's damn tedious. Money is important! Luckily, I know someone call, Pauline, she was my gamer friend. She told me to apply for a job as Customer Service representative for POSB bank and so I did. I went for the interview, everything went well and the interviewees were kinda impressed with the confident I have. BUT I totally ruined it by telling them I'm going to continue my studies and most likely won't work for long. Argh! Stupid me for being so honest. Well, that's my first ever interview anyway =)

After that I started working in Nu Skin Enterprises, a MLM company. I AM NOT A DISTRIBUTOR! I'm just a staff there =) The salary and benefits are good for a rookie like me. I have my fun and happy times over there. My first boss really appreciate my work and gave me tons of opportunities, much more than those old birds. Met alot of young and hyperactive staff there, Liting, Peiling, Jordan, JEAN, Eunice, Richard, Aaron and etc. I even introduced Zhi Gang to the job as a warehouse assistant. Till now, he is still working there.

Started my Diploma in Business administration while working here. Met new friends again. Once again, I don't get to meet much nice people. My group kinda sucks except for 1 guy call, Tony. He may not be very smart but at least he is helpful and willing to work. We still keep in contact. Nice chap.

Resigned my job in Nuskin Enterprises and joined CSC. Totally a sucka job but I still managed to meet nice people like, YF, Martin & Vincent. 1 of the company's boss praised me for being very pro-active, straight forward and fast learner. But he also mentioned that I am too easily angered and give up after that. Haha. He said about the same things as the boss in Nu Skin. I resigned 5 or 6 months later. I even paid a small amount of compensation fees to the agent as I leave before the actual date. Can you see how desperate I am to leave that place?

Joined UOB last year. Met my dear and a group of nice people. LK, Ben, Tim, XY, Alvin and etc. I caused alot of drama & hoo haa over there. HAHA. I moved to another department after a few months. Met couples of crazy people, Kai, JW, JW (same initial. lol), Nick, Liting and etc. Completed my diploma and passed all my driving theories while working there.

Well, now I'm going to continue my journey so let's see what will happen next. Till then, cya!

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