Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Study hard & lose weight fast!

I started my first UOL business degree module yesterday. It's Math!!! The lecturer go through all the basic real fast. The question given to us and expect us to have the answer in like 1 min? Lol. Damn, I'm aint that fast and I can't remember how to do some of the questions. Well, it's time to revise during the weekend.

The class consist of around 40 student and when we reached the classroom, we found a seat, settled down and watched the rest of the student walking in. Some of the ladies' dressing was rather exaggerate. They wore like as if they are going for some fashion show. Haha. Perhaps, this is their dressing code for work. To seduce their boss?

The Math lecturer is rather boring. His tone was monotonous and whenever he tried to sound funny but he failed. He just tried too hard to be funny. I felt so sleepy towards the end of the class. I guess the best thing is that I got dear to study with me. Hehe. I guess he is still not use to the working and studying part time. He immediately knock out the moment he reached home.

I feel kinda sian as I don't know if I'm successfully accepted by UOL. I'm only offered a conditional offer by PSB. *sigh* May whatever bless me.

If I'm successfully accepted I'm gonna buy a new bag! My current bags are all cui! All old and looks like the carrier might tear anytime. Lol.

These 2 bags, not sure which I should buy. $18 only lor! It's not any branded bag yet I still need to think so hard about if I wanna buy or not. *sigh*

Today @ work, I was suan by Jia Wang. He kept saying I'm 60kg! T_T I know have gain alot weight while working here but I'm not 60kg! Damn irritating, keep disturbing me. Now I shall tell myself that I must lose weight!!!!

Come to think about it, I have been working here for 1 year. Time flew past real damn fast.


Huixin said...

jiayou jianfei!!!!!
I also studying UOl but at SIM :)

Stephen said...

Hey, I cant post on ur tagboard.
Yeah. I did win the contest:D
I like ur random snapshots

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