Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the road with a road idiot

The day started with me being very sleepy. I have driving lesson at 11:00am and I got a sms replied from JJ at 6am plus. Gosh! I wonder why anyone would want to wake up so early in the morning when it's Saturday!!!

Anyway, I went for the driving lesson and erm... The uncle was friendly but he isn't Mr Tan. He is Mr Lim and he is under Mr Tan. Er... ok. Then when we were seated in his Totoyo Vios, someone knocked in the window and asked, "Hello, you all got teach manual." Then Mr Lim replied, "Don't have, you try the next car."

I was kinda amused and I saw the car only has 1 footbrake and 1 accelerator!! So I asked Mr Lim, "This is auto car? I actually want to learn manual." The instructor was shocked and called Mr Tan. Mr Lim then passed me the phone and get Mr Tan to talk to me. Over the phone Mr Tan was trying to convince me the benefits of taking auto etc etc. After some thoughts, I think I should just go ahead with auto first. Well initially I already wanted auto, but dear keep asking me to take manual. Is this fate? Lol. Talk about this more later...

Alright, so what I learn for the lesson...

I learned how to hold the steering wheels in a 10-10 position. It"s pretty simple. Also, turning of the left & right indicator. For the start, I forget that I should just flick it with 1-2 fingers, instead of using like the whole hand to switch the indicator. I know, it sounds abit stupid. Haha.

Mr Lim shows me how to drives, the gear, how to check the blindspot, what is a blindspot and etc. After that it was my turn to be on the driver seat! Hehe. Pretty excited. First, I need to adjust the seats which I don't know how to. I didn't know the thingy to adjust the seat in infront of the seats. I thought normally it's on the side?! Anyway, after adjusting… here we go.

Learning auto is pretty simple; to speed up just use the right foot to step on the accelerator and make sure the gear is at the 'D'. No clutch coordinator is needed to change any gear. Haha. To stop the car, I have to step on the brake pedal if not the car will continue to move at a slow speed, unless I change the gear to 'P' it will then comes to a complete stop.

I was moving at a very slow speed, 40km/h, because I remember someone told me that a PDL can only drive at 40km/h? But I heard from dear that a PDL can drive up to 50km/h. Anyway, the road is so short, even if I speed abit, not far infront there's already a traffic light there.

For the start I tend to step on the brake too early. Wahaha. Then Mr Lim always gotta tell me to let go of the brake and move up abit. Maybe I'm too kiasu to stop. Then I learn to gauge where I should stop at the traffic light. It's by looking at the side mirror to see the space of the white line. Pretty interesting.

I guess the most fun part was the U turn and 3 point turning! I like the 3 point turning as it also involve the reverse gear. =)

Along the way, we actually driving along those farms and Mr Lim was telling me about those fruits, vegetables and etc etc. I abit lose my concentration. Haha I gotta look at the road and look at the stuff that he is pointing at. Luckily Bukit Batok road doesn't have many cars. Haha.

Oh, Mr Lim also said he gonna retired next year February as by then he is 70 years old and the vocational driving license only allows him to drive to that age. I swear that Mr Lim doesn't look like 70 years old. Hmmm...

Times up! Gotta drive back to Bukit Gombak carpark.. Parking seems quite easy eh.

Before I leave Mr Lim asked me to confirm again if I wanna take auto or manual and I said, ''okok.'' Then I opened the car door and was about to go out… He said something to me again (I forgot what he talk about) Then I okok again and opened the car door even more (because I forgot I already opened the door before.) Then.. Bang! The door knocked onto another car's left view mirror. Not my fault =X

The end of the lesson.

The reason I picked auto was because I wanna get my license fast, I gotta work and studies if I can get it fast, the better it is. Anyway, auto is easier, so I don’t have to stress so much after my work. Lol. After all driving should be a fun experience. I may miss out the 'clutch' fun but aiya heck, I will do without it. =)

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