Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Driving drives me crazy

Driving lesson really drives me crazy. First it gave me problem due to the "manual & auto" issue next... It's the "delay" issues. Sorry, I'm really lazy to say in details about what's going on. It's really 他妈的! So to counter this issues I have decided to switch to school. Lucky that I have not pay the $50 registration fees! Wahahaha!!

Then last night, I remember that if I'm going to sign up for school I have to bring my PDL. THEN THING STRUCK AGAIN! I think I lost it.... *sigh* Gotta go find it later. The last time I took it out was like weeks ago? Hmmm.. I'm getting forgetful -____-

Then this morning, I'm kinda shag but my mama really makes my day! My mama told me if really taking private gives me so much problems, I should just go ahead with school and she will pay half of the total amount for me!

Weehooo! Thanks mama!

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