Thursday, September 10, 2009

My childhood days...

Most naughty thing I did when I'm in Kindergarten

I remember during art & craft lesson, I sat with my group members. We used our own crayons to do all the colouring. Then came 2 rich kids who wished to borrow our crayons and me being the lao da told my group members to say NO to them! I guess they are pretty pissed off. They then said that they will borrow it from the teachers and gave us a nasty look before they left. I still remember her name is Wendy Tan Mei Feng. LOL.

10 minutes later, they came to our table and shows us their crayons that they borrowed from our teacher and said proudly that they have more colours than ours.

Argh! I was very furious! Crayons also want to compete with us! So the moment Wendy & gang was away from their seats, I asked my group members to roll their crayons out of the classroom! Guess what, they really did it. Haha. Then when Wendy & gang came back and saw what we were doing, they warned us and went to inform the teachers.

I quickly asked my friends to hide in the toilet but sadly there's only 2 toilets and 1 was occupied so only me and another girlfriend get in and the other 2 guys I asked them to stand 1 corner and drink water from their water bottle. Haha.

In the end, only 2 guys were scolded and I & my girlfriend managed to escape the scolding! Wahahaha!

Most irritating person I met in primary school

Her name is none other than Joyce. Hmm... I'm not sure why SPY treated her like her very bestfriend. I find Joyce damn irritating, thick skin, irritating and more irritatinggggggggg.

I remembered that time I lend her my coloured pen to write in my organizer or diary book (it's for the whole class student to write as a memory purpose). Joyce used my pen for her other purpose and someone told me. I was mad and then... Here comes my bad idea again. Me and a few of my friends went to steal her other coloured pen ( I think that time having alot of coloured pen is a very in thing.)

We were caught by our form teacher as Joyce complained to him. Haha. In the end, we still return her the pens but I still feel shiok for stealing her pen. HAHA.

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