Thursday, September 17, 2009

No man fall for girl's personality at first sight

All thanks to nuffnang! I won a per of ticket to watch The ugly Truth! It's my first time winning something from nuff I saw quite a few nuffnager there. I saw hpility & his friends, they were just 1 row infront of me and I saw Tammy, she seated right next to my bf. Haha. I know who they are but I doubt they even know me =P

Anyway, here's my short views about the movie. The scenes that grant Mike (Gerard Butler) the freedom to talk about relationships and sex are frankly hilarious. The movie somehow it is telling the truth about how man actually think about woman and the ugly truth about what love is all about.

The film suggests that while women tend to has a checklist for the perfect man and spend their leisure time reading books about men, whereas for men are very simple, they just genitals to act as their guiding compass. Haha.

2 good tips for woman who trying to impress the guy that they like:

From the movie:

1) Mike said, "men are simple…we cannot be trained. and all of this, 'Men are from Venus' crap is a waste of your time and money. If you want to be a lonely hag, then keep reading these books, but if you want a relationship, heres how you get one…It’s called a Stairstepper, get on it, and get skinny. and get some trashy lingerie while your at it, because at the end of the day all were interested in is looks. No one falls in love with your personality at first sight."
(this is hilarious!)
2) Woman shouldn't talk about her problems because guys don't care. Even some guys may care, they are just pretending to care!

Over the movie is predictable but hilarious. My bf and I enjoyed the movie very much and he too, very much agree with what the male lead actor said. Haha. You should watch it too! =)

2 comments: said...

haha, thks for the share!

Anonymous said...

You saw Tammy? GAWWWDDDD! I'm her loyal reader and I love her man! Is she pretty in person? Very tall hor? Love her confidence! She carries it all well! :D

Hahaha, then why didn't you say hi to Tammy?

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