Thursday, August 13, 2009

So many things, so little time

I keep thinking about many things last night and it makes me can't sleep well. Hur! So what am I thinking? I'm thinking about stuff for this coming Saturday. So assuming that if I have to work till 6:30pm, how am I going to trim my hair at 7pm and go to my cousin's 21st birthday chalet later @ 7-8pm? Everything seems so rush. I felt very lethargic. This job makes me think alot for my weekend planning. At the same time, I wondered why such simple stuff will keeps me thinking and thinking.

Anyway, thank god! This morning, my boss came to me & JJ and told us that this week me, JJ & kai will only need to come back on Sunday and the others will need to come back on Saturday!! Weee hooo! Ha! Looks like my problem solved!

Other than this, I feel like I got other things to think about:
- My studies
- Car license
- KL trip

My studies -
I have not received any letter than my application has been successful so everything is still in suspense. If I got in, I don't know if I should defer to next year. Well, I think it's not up to me to decide. Haha. Perhaps those ang mohs from London feels that I need to take my bridging for math, I will still need to defer anyway.

Car license -
I really hope to get it asap. The best is that I can achieve it before I turn 22years old next year. Hmm, getting a car license will means that I have to spent around 1k - 2k, which also means that a lot of my savings will be gone =(

If I want to have continuous money entering my bank, I will have to work but if I wanna concentrate on driving then I can't work. If I don't work that means no income then my savings will slowly dry up! If I have a permanent job, my dream of obtaining the license will shatter! Haha. What a headache.

KL Trip -
I'm so excited to be able to travel with my buddy, Grassy to KL. This is my first time!! Haha. Although it's not the first time for me to go KL, it's the first time to go KL without my parent. Hehe. It's kind of fun to be able to plan the trip together. I hate going with someone who just simply dump all the tasks to me and expect me to do all the sai kang!

Now I actually welcome all the OTs & working on weekend. I used to hate working OTs because it really eats up all my free time and mess up my weekend. It's kinda pathetic but come to think about it, more money is good and after all this is only a temp job. Since I'm young I should 冲冲虫! 要拼才会赢!

Well all these aside...

I wanna watch UP but I have no time to do so. How sad. Should I watch it this Friday? On the other hand, I suddenly feel like going Haw Par Villa. I really miss those childhood days whereby we need to take a boat ride and see the 18th of hell. It is really a waste that I didn't get to see it as that time I was too scared to open my eyes during the boat ride!!! LOL.

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